VAIO Laptops Are Back On Singapore Store Shelves… Still Made In Japan, Just Not SONY

VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review
VAIO is back in Singapore with new laptops S13 and S11

After Sony sold off its PC business in 2014, we had not seen any VAIO laptops in Singapore stores for a long time. The wait is finally over, VAIO is back through licensing partner of VAIO Corporation in Asia, Hong Kong based Nexstgo Company Limited. And yesterday they launched two new laptops, VAIO S11 and VAIO S13. Both models feature sleek Japanese-made craftsmanship, incorporating materials to ensure robustness, durability and weight reduction with the heavier VAIO S13 at only 1.07kg. These premium laptops are still manufactured in Japan which explains why the price starts from S$2,199.

VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review
VAIO S11 will come in Black, White, Silver, Pink and Brown


Premium Design with Premium Materials

VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review
Slim and chic VAIO S13 in Black & Silver

The VAIO S11 and VAIO S13 feature a modern hexagonal design on both its exterior and interior and adopt materials like magnesium alloy (VAIO S13) and carbon fibre (VAIO S11) in the chassis to offer sturdy protection from all angles. Both laptops are just 5mm thin at their slimmest point with the VAIO S11 weighing in at only 0.85kg and the VAIO S13 at 1.07kg.

VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review
Ports on the VAIO S11
VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review
More ports on the other side

The laptops may be light and slim. But they still pack in three full-size USB 3.0 Type-A ports, HDMI port, a VGA port, an Ethernet jack, and an SD card reader. These are all you need for any presentation without the need to bring along any adaptors.

You can get the VAIO S11 in black, silver, brown, pink or white. The VAIO S13 is available in silver and black.


Powerful To Get Your Work Done

VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review
VAIO S11 laptops

The VAIO TruePerformance technology incorporates the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i5/i7 processors. They increase the laptops’ CPU performance by 11% to 13%. The technology optimises the architecture of the heat sink, thus maintaining higher performance for longer periods of time by increasing CPU power limits while efficiently eliminating processor heat.

VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review
VAIO S11 elevates when opened

Additionally, the VAIO S13 comes with a thicker cooling vent and a new fan system with higher heat dispersing capability.  A new module design ensures stable and high-capacity operation of the processor.

The VAIO S series has an intuitive fingerprint reader, making logging in easier and more secure. The laptops are also equipped with anti-spill keyboards and have undergone stringent tests to ensure that no hardware damage is caused by drink spills of up to 150ml.


Pricing And Promotion

VAIO S11 S13 Laptop Singapore Price review

The VAIO S Series will be available exclusively at the VAIO shop at Bugis Junction and the VAIO Showcase at Clarke Quay Central (to be opened in September 2018).

The VAIO S11 and S13 laptops will retail at:

  • VAIO S11 – From S$2,299
  • VAIO S13 – From S$2,199


  • Early Bird Special – Purchase the S11 or S13 & receive free gifts worth up to S$500 (while stocks last)
  • Extended Warranty – Purchase the S11 or S13 from now till 31 October 2018 and get 24 months warranty

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  1. I ordered the VAIO S13, [VJS132X0311S] 16GB RAM, Storage 1TB PCIe SSD,CPU, Intel Core i7-8550U, Operating System Windows 10 Pro a year and a half ago for $1,799.00. My first system was a Sony VAIO Desktop in the ’90s and I’ve had five Sony VAIOs over the years. There is a lot to love about this brand, even now that Sony is not making the VAIO. It is my understanding that Sony engineers actually migrated to the new company that produces the VAIO.

    So much to love about this system–sadly it takes a single flaw to completely ruin it. Others have written about the poor engineering that resulted in the power cord fitting too loosely into the jack. This is not an aberration, it is the way every single one of these units is built. The power cord just keeps falling out. Perhaps from being constantly disconnected and connected, it stopped working altogether after a year. I ordered a new cord (they are not easy to find) and it worked, but still falls out every five minutes. When you spend two grand for a system, you should not have to deal with this, and resort to literally holding the system together with rubber bands. DON’T BUY THIS SYSTEM until you know they’ve fixed this flaw.

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