Medical Mobile Apps by iHIS and Integrated healthcare clusters in Singapore

National Healthcare Group NHG Cares App is Available to download on Apple Store

The National Healthcare Group (NHG) has launched the NHG Cares App joining the other two integrated health clusters National University Health System and Singhealth, which have previously launched OneNUHS and Health Buddy respectively. The health app from all three integrated health clusters are integrated with the MyHealthRecord System, an electronic health record system used in Singapore. This provides authorised healthcare professionals and patients access to a comprehensive record of the paitent’s medical history, including information on their diagnoses, medications, allergies, test results and treatment plans.

There are many similar functions in all the three apps while HealthHub allows you to see your appointments from all three health clusters. The NHG Cares app is easy to use and has a nice user interface. To access medical information and make appointments, you have to log in to the app with your Singpass account.

Medical Mobile Apps by iHIS and Integrated healthcare clusters in Singapore
<em><sup>Medical Mobile Apps by iHIS and Integrated healthcare clusters in Singapore<sup><em>

The NHG Cares app provides patients with convenient access to healthcare services and information. They can also manage their health and wellness more effectively by accessing health information, and services and tracking health goals.

National Healthcare Group includes Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Institute of Mental Health, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Yishun Community Hospital, Woodlands Health Campus, NHG Polyclinics, National Skin Centre and Admiralty Medical Centre, amongst other non-patient-facing institutions. For now, only appointments from NHG Polyclinics, the Institute of Mental Health and National Skin Centre are available.

The first release of this new app offers the following features:

  • Appointments
    • Book new appointments and pre-register before appointments at NHG Polyclinics. You can check in to your appointment and see your queue number and the number of patients before you.
    • View and reschedule existing appointments at the Institute of Mental Health, NHG Polyclinics & National Skin Centre. More will be added progressively.
    • Submit an Appointment Request Form to any NHG Institution.

One of the key features of the NHG Cares app is its ability to allow patients to book appointments with healthcare providers in NHG institutions. Patients can browse through available appointment slots and select the time and location that works best for them. They can also view their appointment history and receive reminders about upcoming appointments.

  • Health Planning
    • Create, view and track your health goals and statistics. Set health goals such as losing weight or quitting smoking, and thrack your progress thowards achieving those goals.
    • Get personalised suggestions on health screening and information
    • Get a personalised lesson plan for healthy ageing
    • Access educational and bookmark health materials
    • Health Records via HealthHub
    • Immunisation record
    • Covid-19 records
    • Radiology report
    • NEHR access history
    • Lab Test result
    • Prescribed medications record

The health planning features of the new NHG Cares app are designed to help users set and achieve health goals, and to provide them with personalized health recommendations based on their health history and lifestyle.

Another feature of the NHG Cares app is its integration with the MyHealthRecord system, which allows patients to access their medical records on the go. Patients can view their past medical history, test results, and medication information through the app.

You can earn Zest Points and Experience Points when using the app. Zest Points can be used in future releases of the app to exchange items in NHG Care’s virtual store. Experience Points is used to unlock various status at each level. You get rewarded for daily logins, when you first submit the CFS self-questionnaire or complete your profile info for the first time amongst other actions. Adding Health Goals will also offer you points.

You can also go through an assesment on the app to see what types of screenings you should go to based on your age group. Patients can also engage a chatbot for assistance or frequently asked questions. To download the app, look for NHG Cares in Apple Store.

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