[REVIEW] Nikon D4, D800 & D600 Time Lapse Feature

Nikon D800
Nikon D800


27 November 2012, Singapore – Nikon’s D4, D800 and the latest D600 full frame DSLR come with the built-in time lapse feature which makes it so simple to create stunning time lapse videos.

Check out the Sunset Time lapse video we took with Nikon D800 at Sentosa Broadwalk:

The conventional way of creating a time lapse video will require taking hundreds to thousands of still images with an additional hardware, time lapse remote, and post processing of these images in a video editing software to convert into a video.

With the built-in time lapse feature in all Nikon’s latest range of full frame DSLR give you a video file in the matter of few clicks the video file right after the shoot. It’s that simple! Let your creativity juice flow by taking that scenic view of a sunset or an event and shrink them into a pictorial video story that can be told in matter of seconds.



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