Review: SMS Audio STREET by 50 On-Ear Wired Headphones

Street by 50 cents On-Ear Headphones
Street by 50 cents On-Ear Headphones


Further to our introduction to SMS Audio Street by 50′s In-ear Wired Earbuds (regrettably meek in star-ratings), its bigger cousin, the On-ear Wired Headphones, in this case, is a pleasant surprise, because it is simply Awesome!

The packaging albeit box-y and bulky is really made with bullet-proof resistance in mind and I am kidding, but aren’t we speaking about 50 cent and surely the man wants no more metal pellets in him ever again, and in particular, on this self-endorsed Headphones of his!

Anyways, upon revealing the insides, the Headphones are nicely folded into a mini-American-football lookalike case – no mess; no setup; and no annoyance – simply extract the Headphones and connect the cable to an iPod / iPhone / iPad, and Wala!

Street by 50 cents On-Ear Headphones


It fits comfortably with white-foamy pads on both ears, and they manage to close-out most external clutters to some good extend, but quite heavy on the head after an hour of intense listening (maybe tightness around the clasp). On a positive note and most importantly, the sounds are especially outstanding when 50 cent begins Rapping about your extended family-tree and all; also Beaty with Will-I-Am on the tunes because the Bass Booster is fantastic; and maxing the volume would send one into a trance.

For USD 179.95, the gadget is not quite within the price radar, rather expensive, but 50 cent needs his royalties to buy another Mustang for one of his bitches’ brother’s uncle’s nephew’s son, so chip-in and enjoy the music!

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