Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE now in Martian Pink


14 March 2013, Singapore – The Martian Pink Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE will be available in Singapore from this Saturday, 16 March 2013, at S$968, without line contract. Finally a pink that is adorable to the eyes, the pink chosen for previous models have always been a bit “old” looking type of pink.

Key highlights of GALAXY Note II LTE

· Features a 5.5” (141mm) HD SUPER AMOLED display providing brilliant visual clarity
· Its 16:9 screen ratio ensures an immersive and enriched movie theater-like video viewing experience
· Air View allows users to hover with the S Pen over an email, S Note, S Planner, image galleries, or videos to preview the content without having to open the content
· Pop Up Note lets users open an S Note instantly as a pop-up window anywhere on the screen. Likewise, Pop Up Web opens a web browser anywhere on the screen while Pop Up Play will become a floating window on users’ display while they load other applications

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