Why So Kaypoh Mobile App

Why So Kaypoh Mobile App Preps You For Reunion Q&A This CNY

Why So Kaypoh Mobile App
Why So Kaypoh Mobile App


7 February 2013, Singapore – This Lunar New Year, Why So Kaypoh mobile web app is here to save you from the tons of awkward questions those nosy relatives will be asking you. Created by Wunderman and Comwerks Singapore, the Why So Kaypoh mobile web app is a FREE family gathering survival guide that lets you surprise your aunties and uncles with smart & bitchy comebacks of your own!

Categorise questions by Lifestyle, Careers & Money, School, Marriage and Love & Relationship, Why So Kaypoh mobile web app is ready to give you BITCH PLEASE style answers to questions like “Are you seeing anyone now?” with “I’m holding auditions at my place next weekend if you want to come.

To use Why So Kaypoh mobile web app, simply open the web browse on your touch enabled mobile devices to visit whysokaypoh.com. Don’t forget to bookmark it for quick access on your mobile devices. 



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