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Holidaying In Club Med Phuket

6 April 2012, Singapore – Club Med’s all-inclusive resort holiday philosophy that provides food, activities and entertainment within each resort saves you the hassle of having to pre-plan for your next holiday.   Each and every Club Med offers localised  “signature specialties” that are unique from other Club Med resorts around the world so you never get tired of the same activities from your other Club Med vacations. A recent visit to Club Med Phuket has etched great memories for me.

G.O.s from Club Med Phuket - Anthony (Indonesia), Lucas (Brazil), Sora (South Korea) & Brendan (South Africa)


I was given a very homely welcome by the extremely hospitable and energetic Gracious Organizers (G.O.s).  These G.O.s play an important role in the Club Med experience for guests.   Club Med Phuket alone has over a hundred G.O.s from different cultures and countries. They run the different resort facilities during the day such as the reception counters, sports and childcare facilities. At night, they transform into talented entertainers and performers at the resort’s daily in-house shows.  During my stay, I witnessed their dance performances, celebrity impersonations, circus performances and beach parties and these G.O.s have successfully made me forget about home.

Dining at Club Med Phuket


My meals during my four day three night stay were well provided.  I had a choice of the Asian and European buffet spread at the Main Restaurant or the a-la-carte lunch and dinner at the 98 seater Chu-Da Restaurant.  The Chu-Da restaurant offers a quiet and romantic ambiance where you could dine under the surreal “sky lantern” lighting, while facing the beautiful Zen Pool.   At the Main Restaurant, you can dine in one of the five pavilions offering different ambiance: Taste, Fragrance, Music, Colours and Materials.


A Plethora of Activities & Facilities at Club Med Phuket


Immediately after breakfast, there will be a selection of activities for you to choose from to spend your day at Club Med Phuket.  Some of the outdoor sports activities include volleyball, snorkeling, archery or get some adrenaline pumping at the flying trapeze.  If you prefer a more relaxing wellness activity, go for the Aquafitness and Yoga lessons, or you could pay for a spa treatment at the Club Med Spa by French luxury brand, Payot.

As for myself, I am more of an outdoor sports person.  I spent every afternoon mastering my archery skill. I wished more of my travel companions could have joined me at the trapeze and circus school.  Unfortunately most of them were afraid of heights so I had to go solo while the rest indulged in yoga lessons and spa treatments.

If you wish to venture out of the resort, there are convenient stores, cafes, restaurants and street hawkers readily available just along the street outside of the resort.  Do no stay out too late so that you can catch the beautiful sunset along Kata Beach from the resort.


Every night is Party Night at Club Med Phuket


The day does not end at Club Med Phuket after dinner.  Instead, the PARTY HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN!!!  This is the when I got to understand the true meaning of the “Club Med Experience”, bringing out the party animal in everyone including introverts!

The night begins where guests experience a special performance produced and performed by the G.O.s.  Knowing that the G.O.s have their “day jobs” at the reception counter and other facilities in the resort, the only time they can rehearse for their performances is during the late hours at night. I was impressed by the performances during my stay in Club Med Phuket and I consider them highly professional.  Be it the poolside acrobatic dance musical or the circus performance, the G.O.s are truly remarkable for their commitment as employees of Club Med.

The pace of the night increases after these performances as the DJ spins club music while the G.O.s takes the lead to groove to the music with the guests.  You may just spot “Lady Gaga” or “LMFAO” look alikes with their bodyguards roaming on the dance floor. Every night feels like the all-too-familiar ZoukOut! in Singapore.  Party on with free booze from the bar.  Kids are welcome to join the party too, but alcohol would not be served to minors.


The Talents of the G.O.s
Make a wish and set the lanterns into the sky

Another memorable activity at Club Med Phuket was the releasing of lighted lanterns into the sky by Kata Beach.  This was the first time I witnessed the night sky filled with floating lanterns.  It felt like deja vu from a scene in the Disney animated movie, ‘Tangled’.

Having been to Club Med Phuket, my views on family vacations have broaden and some views have changed.  Often times,  I would like to pack my bag, grab my passport and just go for an ad-hoc holiday without pre-planning.  At least now I know Club Med would be that destination for me.   All you need to do is check in to the resort, the rest is all taken care of, and the friendly G.O.s will always be there to make you feel at home.

I look forward to the next Club Med holiday.

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