Light Projection Show At The Highest Point on Orchard Road, ION Sky

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New ION Sky at ION Orchard road

ION Sky is located at the top of ION Orchard

At 56 storeys high, the newly revamped ION Sky in ION Orchard now gives you more than just a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s skyline. The tallest point on Orchard Road offers an immersive experience, combining interactive visual projections with the nostalgia of Singapore heritage. ION Orchard has also developed an Augmented Reality (AR) app, compatible on Android and iOS smartphones, to further enrich your visit. The app creates an artistic spin for visitor to explore and discover key landmarks with local history through interactive elements that wow the senses.

Check out our experience video at the new ION Sky:

The Journey Begins

Once you step into the lift at level 4 of ION Orchard, be mesmerised by the magical nutmeg tree animation via towering LCD displays, giving the impression that the tree is growing with you as you ascend from Level 4 to Level 55 of ION Orchard. It made us feel like we were in our own fairy tale version of “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

The ION Orchard team worked with award-winning singer/songwriter Dick Lee and his creative team to create the immersive story-telling experience through the entire ION Sky journey.

New ION Sky at ION Orchard road

The rapidly growing nutmeg tree in the lift


Changing With The Seasons

The moment you enter ION Sky’s entrance on Level 55, you will be welcomed by seasonal interactive light projections on the ramp that leads you to the observation deck on Level 56.

Just like a leisure stroll through an enchanted garden, the interactive light projection contains motion sensors that detect the movement of your footsteps to envelop you with flowers blooming around your feet, and butterflies that chase after you as you walk up the ramp.

The seasonal interactive light projection is available from now till 29 April.


A Theatrical Projection Before The View

Cleverly projected on the blinds of the panoramic viewing deck, the history and heritage of Orchard Road will come alive in a riveting 4-minute show.

New ION Sky at ION Orchard road

A view unique to ION Sky

As the projection show comes to a close, the blinds will roll up on cue to unveil the actual panoramic view of  Singapore’s skyline. With the help of the ION Sky app on your Android or iOS devices, users can use their screens and a touch of AR to effortlessly ascertain the exact positions of Singapore’s landmarks. The ION Sky app also offers nuggets of history of these landmarks that will enrich your understanding of Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage.


How To Get A Ticket?

To experience the new ION Sky, ION+ Rewards members simply need to spend a minimum of $20 (up to 4 same-day receipts) to redeem a ticket. Shoppers who have yet to sign up for ION+ Rewards may apply for a free membership either via the ION Orchard mobile app, ION Orchard website ( or at any Concierge counter on Level 1, 4 or Basement 3.  The multimedia shows are shown once every 45 minutes from 2pm – 5.45pm and 7pm – 8.30pm daily*; and the last admission is at 8.30pm. Show bookings can be made on the ION Orchard mobile app or at Concierge counters.

*Blackout dates and other Terms & Conditions apply.


Complimentary 20% discount for Salt Grill and Sky Bar with ION Sky Entry Tickets 

With the tickets to ION Sky, you can also enjoy 20% off lunch sets at Salt Grill and Sky Bar at Level 55. So now you can have a gastronomic dining experience while overlooking the stunning view of Singapore’s skyline. That’s what we call, hitting two birds with one stone.


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