Jetstar Reveals The Feng Shui of Flying

Jetstar Feng Shui Generator
Jetstar Feng Shui Generator

5 February 2013, Singapore – This Lunar New Year, Jetstar reveals its aircraft’s Feng Shui with the help from the respected Feng Shui Master, David Tong. Based on the master’s thorough analysis on Jetstar’s A320 aircraft, he concluded on the plane’s energy flow and how passengers can encourage various symbolic well wishes when flying.

From which seat rows will bring you love and luck, to the time you should fly based on your Zodiac sign, you can access fully personalised results at  Key in your date of birth, gender and reason for travel and you would be advised on the best seats to choose on-board. If you need some inspiration of where to travel to or the best time to fly to generate luck the site will provide you with some suggestions.



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