KURIOS – The Best Cirque Du Soleil Ever In Singapore

Yes, we are not exaggerating. We have watched many Cirque Du Soleil shows and KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities, is really one of the best we had seen. KURIOS is more than just a circus show. This production seamlessly weaves in the musical elements with well-choreographed dance routines and skits. The show is less monotonous and filled with a vibrant vibe to keep us interested.

Set under the mythical steampunk dimension, WHIMSICAL, MESMERISING, BREATHTAKING and LOTS OF LAUGHTER are the words we would use to summarise the show in short. The show has creatively brought us into the steampunk era with moving mechanical props and costumes that are quite out of this world. In particular to Mr. Microcomos’ outfit, which has a few hidden surprises that we shall not reveal. Matthieu Hubener plays the perfect Mr. Microcomos.

KURIOS is the 35th production by Cirque Du Soleil, created in 2014. So being one of the more recent productions, KURIOS have many unique acts that we had not seen before. Like the beautiful and elegant Aerial Bicycle, where the acrobat spirals in the air and gracefully transit to a variety of acrobatic positions using the bike in midair. Kudos to Anne Weissbecker for a beautiful Aerial Bicycle performance.

UPDATE (12 July 2019): The show has been extended to 18 August 2019.

Even without any trap doors built to the stage, it was able to provide us with loads of surprises at places we did not expect the props would appear from. Because of all these sudden and gorgeous moments, we decided to stop taking photos with our mobile phones, because we want to be in the moment when it happened.

Yes… taking pictures are allowed with your mobile phones. But we highly discourage that, as you will not just miss the moments to enjoy the show, your brightly lit screens might be a distraction to the other guests. Either that or just dim down your phones, please.

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We wished the show was longer… good times are short

We highly recommend you to catch KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities while it’s here in Singapore till 4 August 2019. Even if you have been to several Cirque Du Soleil shows, this one will still amaze you.

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