Scoot To Tokyo Via Bangkok Now!!! No Bahts About It!!!

ScootBiz Meal Service
ScootBiz Meal Service

Scoot has doubled its daily flight service between Singapore and Tokyo to twice daily with once via Taipei and a new route via Bangkok. Their all-787 Dreamliner fleet will be offering spacious overhead bins, improved humidity and cabin pressurisation, as well as a wide range of inflight amenities such as on-board Wi-Fi, in-seat power and extra legroom options to provide the best comfort to scoot off to Tokyo.

Scoot Dream Start Dreamliner
Scoot Dreamliner


Scoot Flight Schedule for Singapore-Bangkok-Tokyo services

Singapore – Bangkok – Tokyo (TZ292)
Sector Departure (hr) Arrival (hr) Frequency
Singapore – Bangkok 2200 2330 WednesdayFriday
2200 2345 TuesdayThursdaySaturday
2200 2335 Sunday
2120 2240 Monday
Bangkok – Tokyo 0055 (+1) 0900 (+1) Daily


Tokyo – Bangkok – Singapore (TZ291)
Sector Departure (hr) Arrival (hr) Frequency
Tokyo – Bangkok 1000 1350 Daily
Bangkok – Singapore


1550 1915 Tuesday to Sunday
1550 1930 Monday

All times listed in local. +1 refers to arrival on the next day.


And from 1 October 2016, Scoot will laugh a three-times-weekly Singapore-Taipei-Sapporo services, which will bring our Japan network to three cities – Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo.

Scoot’s existing Singapore-Bangkok return service TZ302/301 will be re-numbered to TZ292/291 Singapore-Bangkok-Tokyo return. Flight schedule details for the daily TZ292/291 are outlined above. For the most updated schedules, please visit

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