Targus Seoul Backpack – Ideal for WORK, TRAVEL and PLAY

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Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

Targus Seoul backpack in Turquoise

Don’t like to many bags hanging around? You just need one good backpack to be able to use for work, travel and play time? I recently reviewed the Targus Seoul backpack and to my pleasant surprise, I received a few compliments on the bag’s casual chic style and colour. The box shaped design not just gives it a slim profile from all angles, the Targus Seoul’s many compartments and pockets makes it ideal to store lots of your essentials while keeping it organized.

Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

Targus Seoul

Slim and lightweight, but it can actually go on a three days two nights getaway with just one Targus Seoul backpack. How we know? I tested the bag to see how much stuff can it fit in comfortably based on a getaway and bringing photography essentials like camera, tripod, hard disk drive and laptop. Plus I cannot leave home without my entertainment pack which includes my iPad Pro and my Nintendo Switch. Yet I still have about 10% free space and a side pocket unused. CRAY CRAY!!!

Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

That’s how much I’ve filled in the bag (I forgot the toiletries)

Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

That’s how the bag looks after fitting all those stuff in

I know that most of you will not be packing so much into your backpack for the getaway, or you might just be bringing along a small trolley luggage to keep other essentials as your check-in baggage. That’s why I’ve said that this backpack is ideal for travels, because it comes with a slot for you to slip it through your luggage pulley for convenience and taking that load off your back while moving around the airport.

Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

Travel tip: Stop stressing you back and have a pain-free holiday

The backpack comes with dedicated slots for your laptop and tablet individually, so you know that your will be scratching each other even without additional sleeves. The cushioning at the based on the backpack is relatively thick and water resistant, making me feel safe to put my electronics in it. Sad that this is not a camera bag. But I’ve managed to work around it, by simply adding in a cushion insert for my camera and lenses. The cushion insert can be easily purchased online for under US$15.

Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

The compartments for your travel essentials

Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

How convenient to use this as a camera bag. Just need to add in a cushion insert

This 15.6″ Targus Seoul backpack is now my everyday bag and I am loving it. It is now readily available in major electronic stores in Singapore (click here for link) in two sizes, 14″ and 15.6″ at S$109 and S$119 respectively.

Targus Seoul Backpack review Singapore price

Here are the size comparisons and the new 2017 Targus Seoul available (15.6″ Turquoise, 15.6″ Rust and 14″ Plum)




We are giving away a set of two Targus Seoul backpacks(15.6″ Rust & 14″ Plum) to a lucky winner. Here’s how to join:

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