Goldheart Jewellery Redefines Glam in 4 Showpieces at the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2010

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31 July 2010, Singapore – A part of Aspial Corporation Limited, Goldheart Jewellery showcased 4 showpieces for the  Singapore International Jewellery Show 2010 (SIJS) held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.    This year’s SIJS theme is “Glam is back” and Goldheart interprets the idea of “Glam” in no less than 4 exquisite showpieces, for the modern, multifaceted and multitalented women in our society today.  Collaborating with Singaporean fashion designer, Keith Png, four dresses were specially designed to complement and underscore the creative theme of each Goldheart showpiece.

Fortunate for me, the LG Optimus Lee Min Ho Fan Meet and Greet session was held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands so I could shuttle between that and the Goldheart show.

Here’re the 4 Goldheart showpieces:

Glam Chic

This elaborate neckpiece drapes sensually on her chest in the luxurious display of smoldering purple amethyst, beacons of pink quartz and a scintillation of brilliant diamonds.  A cascade of rose gold teases with its glittery dance on her skin, effortlessly riveting onlookers’ attention.  Inspired by the Kate Moss’s runway chic and effortless style, Glam Chic presents the allure of chic in dance of colours and shiny accents, making it a definite statement piece for evening gowns and gala events.

Materials: Purple Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Round Brilliant Diamonds, Rose Gold
Price: S$69,278

Goldheart - Glam Chic

Glam Rock

Deconstructed, devilish and absolutely definitive, Glam Rock is more than meets the eye.  This unconventional statement neckless piece appears defined by a series of uneven lines, and upon closer inspection reveals broken links in its construction – a testament to an artisan’s work in creating an optical illusion of a seemingly complete design.  The necklace chain is speckled with brilliant diamonds, adding a mesmerizing cascade of dazzlers.  Inspired by the fashion chameleon Rihanna whose sartorial escapades consistently captures viewer attention and curiosity, Glam Chic’s glamorous demeanour hides unexpected details and a rebellious spirit, making this collector’s piece a true emblem of the fashionably radical and adventurous.

Materials: Black Gold, White Gold, Round Brilliant Diamonds
Price: S$22,658

Goldheart - Glam Rock

Glam Classic

This gleaming neckpiece is made with strands of lucent pearls, resembling motes of luminance coalescing on her skin while bestowing a majestic touch upon the wearer.  White gold in the form of floral designs and twisted beads intensifies its immaculate appeal with a scintillation of diamond sparklers.   A fitting tribute to the luminous Gwyneth Paltrow whose unique brand of regal charm and beauty never fails to command the movie scenes, Glam Classic presents the immutable quality and beauty of pearls in a dazzling showcase piece, dedicated to most lavish of balls and galas.

Materials: Pearls, Round Brilliant Diamonds, White Gold
Price: S$22,708

Goldheart - Glam Classic

Glam Supreme

This 3 piece st comprising Earrings, Neckless and Ring is dedicated to the boldest of fashionistas.  Glam Supreme captures your attention with its mix of polished and matted white gold nuggets that glitter with the smouldering lambency of cognac diamonds juxtaposed against the brilliance of white diamonds.  A harmony of free form shapes that conflate into a work of grandeur, the use of neutral colours radiate a sense of fashionable gravitas matched only by the confidence and sophistication of the wearer.  Glam Supreme reflects the indomitable spirit and aura of one of the greatest fashion diva of our time – Jennifer Lopex.

Materials: Cognac Brown Diamonds, Round Brilliant Diamonds, White Gold
Price: S$59,448 (Neckless), S$16,438 (Ring), S$8,148 (Earrings)

Goldheart Glam Supreme Necklace

Goldheart Glam Supreme earrings

Goldheart Glam Supreme ring

Here’s a video taken with an iPhone 4 by Dennis Seow.


Do check out photos from the show below.


  1. You covered the show well…… loved the Purple Amethyst. Pity I don’t have the long neck that would show this off to perfection …. or is it the $69,000 that I don’t have????

  2. You covered the show well…… loved the Purple Amethyst. Pity I don’t have the long neck that would show this off to perfection …. or is it the $69,000 that I don’t have????

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