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Car Chilli, a new car-sharing app launches in Singapore

Car Chilli is the newest addition to Singapore’s car-sharing economy that connects car owners and car rental companies looking to monetise their vehicles with users seeking flexible, reliable, affordable transport options.

The platform offers an extensive array of car rental choices, allowing users to customize rental durations according to their requirements using the mobile app. The app has you covered whether you need a vehicle for a brief few hours or an extended stretch. Additionally, they provide short-term rental possibilities for those preparing for a journey to Malaysia.

Car Chilli collaborates closely with car rental enterprises to simplify the process of getting their vehicles listed and integrated into the platform. This not only empowers car rental businesses to enhance their short-term revenue opportunities but also extends their brand reach to a fresh segment of customers.

Users are provided with continuous customer assistance around the clock, and car owners can benefit from a GPS tracking and automatic locking system for their vehicles. This enables car owners to monitor the whereabouts of their cars conveniently and streamlines the rental process by eliminating the need for in-person meetings. Moreover, a dedicated workshop is accessible, delivering a range of services, including upkeep, cleaning, and repairs for car owners.

Emerging as a separate entity from a well-established car rental firm with a decade-long track record, Car Chilli boasts an existing client base and a fleet of cars accessible through its application. The app was initially introduced to a handpicked group of existing customers residing in specific regions across Singapore, including Jurong, Hougang, Serangoon, and Sengkang. These districts have already seen the deployment of cars available for rental. A nationwide expansion is planned for later this year, with Car Chilli’s aspiration to offer over 1,000 cars for rent throughout the island.

“We are thrilled to introduce Car Chilli to Singapore. Our mission is to provide the community with flexible and affordable rental options, be a technology partner for car rental companies and car owners, to help enhance their income, all while contributing to more liveable cities by reducing congestion and promoting sustainability through shared mobility”. Starting in Singapore, Car Chilli plans to roll out across South East Asia.

Nelson Lee, CEO and Co-Founder
Download the Car Chilli app
Download the Car Chilli app

Download the app on App Store/Google Play.

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