London Weight Management branch at Ngee Ann City, Level 5.

5 Things To Know Before Joining London Weight Management (Sponsored)

London Weight Management branch at Ngee Ann City, Level 5.
London Weight Management branch at Ngee Ann City Level 5

With the season of feasting upon us, it is only natural to start worrying about those waistlines. I am an advocate for an active lifestyle; a regular at spin classes, resistance training and yoga, so imagine everyone’s surprise when I took up a sponsored 10 sessions at London Weight Management.

But, I have a problem – cellulite. No matter how much I have worked on my legs, it either improves minimally or bounces back in full vengeance when I slack off. Seeing that the company has been helping women get their health back in order, be it due to bad diets or post-natal effects, I decided to give it a try.

After spending five sessions with them and having three different treatments done, I have gotten the gist of how things works. So, I am here to dispel the doubts with five things you need to know before joining London Weight Management.

Awards the branch has received over the years.
Awards the branch has received over the years
  1. Understand Your Body

There are heap loads of misconceptions about health and wellness out there. Which makes it even more important for you to fully equip yourself with the right information to

  • determine if you are underweight or is there a need to sign a weight management programme;
  • defend yourself against paying for more than what you need, or;
  • receive an efficient treatment programme to target your woes.

To start off, we should understand that the number on the scale does not reflect your health. The number can be attributed to many factors, including the biggest culprit – water retention. Anything from high salt intake, monthly periods and, even, cellulite can cause that number to jump up. It is not all fat, and in no way, an accurate representation of whether you are tipping towards the unhealthy side.

Tip: If you have access to one of those body analysers (available at most commercial gyms), you should do a weigh in before heading over. These machines can measure everything from your usual weight, muscles mass to metabolic rate and age. It serves as a more accurate second opinion.

  1. Be Honest and Aware

This follows up from the first point.

Be up front about your current health status and goals. Take me as an example. I am very aware that my gym routine makes me a difficult candidate for weight loss. Resistance training in general will increase my muscle mass and overall weight more than adipose tissues. But, the thing is, despite my active lifestyle, I was still riddled with a lot of cellulite on my right upper thigh. No joke, my right upper thigh bulges out on the side more than the left. It is the first place to show weight gain after I let loose a little.

So what I did was set a goal for them; lessening the cellulite on my thighs. We had an in-depth discussion as to how they would target the problem, with me chiming in with all my questions. you have every right to ask as many questions and answer any doubts you may have.

Example: Part of their programme includes removing water retention (Lavender Salt Slimming Treatment) from my body, which can range from 0.2kg to extreme cases of 1kg (it has happened to me, no joke). Well, I asked the consultant. She explained to me, diagrams and all, how it supposedly removes the wastes from the previous session of “fat-burning” as well as increasing the metabolic rate.

  1. Be Comfortable

Their treatment usually comes with a supplement coffee (which supposedly helps to increase your metabolic rate). If you are uncomfortable with taking it, be up front and ask for a substitute. Not everyone likes the taste of coffee or are okay with taking supplements.

Here is an example of the Infra-Red Warm Blanket after the Steam Bath and Lavender Salt Scrub.
Here is an example of the Infra Red Warm Blanket after the Steam Bath and Lavender Salt Scrub
  1. It is more than just slimming

Any concerns you may have, it is alright to voice them – be it during consultation or during the treatment. If you feel that your body has not been listening to you or if you have any question about certain  package, voice out. It may be because of menses, toxins building up in your body and so on. They have lymph node detox treatments that can help flush the build-up, which can help with your body processes.

  1. Discipline

They offer treatments to help, but it is really up to yourself to stick to a diet regime. No, I do not mean skipping meals – that is the worst thing you can do! Read those nutritional labels. Not everything that says it is fat-free is good for you. Most of these “health” foods are loaded with huge amounts of sugar to cover up the low fat content. (Fat tastes good and we know it.) Grab fresh fruits. Make your own granola etc. Diet makes up the biggest factor in weight loss after all. Whatever treatment they might be offering you can hasten the process if exercise is not your thing, but what you eat can make or break your progress. It is not just “eat whatever you want and turn up for a treatment”.

The Journey So Far

In the meantime, all I can say is;

  • my weight is being maintained despite my Christmas get-togethers and overseas trips, and;
  • there are improvements on the cellulite front.  The chunk on my left thigh is almost gone while the one on the right (bigger) has gotten softer with an overall circumference loss of 3cm.

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