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Atkinsons – London high society’s favourite fragrances

Atkinsons Love In Idleness
Atkinsons Love In Idleness
The urbane Mr James Atkinsons takes pride in acknowledging he is the proper owner of three bespoke suits, and only three. Why would one, sophisticated and elegant to the extreme, need more, much less a superfluous fourth?
Celebrating 200 years of perfume snobbery, he held court, in his crisp fresh all-white ensemble,
to present a trio of neo-vintage, 2015 re-edition, Eaux de Toilette Legendary Collection.
The old and the venerated – think pioneer generation! – given a fabulosity update. Heritage hip, if you will.
Atkinsons Amber Empire
The Excelsior Bouquet (1919) takes you aflight on notes of spice, fruit, flint and leather. An olfactory journey for the senses.
Love in Idleness (1922) its flowers brushed by Cupid’s arrow will put a spell on you. Straight off the pages of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Atkinsons The Excelsior Bouquet
Amber Empire (1927) its blend of tea and wood and incense transcends you to the Far East, in a voyage of the contemporary and cosmopolitan.

Available at Robinsons, S$218, 100ml, in its signature solid timeless bottles.

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