Body Inc’s Jacelyn Tay gets Married on 101010

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10 October 2010, Singapore – As part of a series to congratulate Jacelyn Tay on her wedding to Brian Wong today, here’s a story about her business.

Ex Mediacorp celebrity and Star Search 1995 winner Jacelyn Tay had a vision to help individuals from all walks of life achieve their health through rebalancing body systems and restoring their body’s natural ability to heal itself.  With this vision, she founded and set up Body Inc in 2006 to promote natural way of healing.   Jacelyn is also a firm believer in taking care of one’s own health.  To keep her slim figure and good looks, I have observed Jacelyn watching what she eats and exercising by spending time walking her dog with her newly wed beau Brian Wong.

Body Inc.’s holistic program seeks to find out the root cause of your health condition and balance your body systems through Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) with the 5 pillars of health. These include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Osteopathy, Dietetics and Nutrition, and Aromatherapy.


Traditional Chinese Medicine involves the careful use of traditional Chinese Herbs from our in-house dispensary after diagnosis with our qualified TCM physician. Acupuncture, which also involves blood-letting and cupping techniques are also employed in treatment.

Western Herbalism incorporates the prescription of herbal extracts and tinctures by Body Inc.’s Clinical Herbalist coupled with lifestyle advice and nutritional support by our healthcare practitioners.

Osteopathy aims at treating forms of pain experienced in the human body, such as in sports injuries, or even in migraine and scoliosis problems. Some of the techniques utilised include mobilisation of joints and soft tissue, muscle energy, and cranial technique to realign and balance the body system.

Dietetics and Nutrition takes into account the careful examination of the individual’s dietary and lifestyle needs, and involves the drawing up of a customised diet plan.

Aromatherapy, as the last pillar of CAM, provides a healing remedy for various skin conditions and allergies by customising a specialised blend using pure grade essential oils under the Lovage range of products.

Body Inc. also provides weight management solutions and spa services. With a Health T-Bar and boutique library, one can enjoy both nutritious and healthy food while enjoying a book or two in a relaxing environment.  I frequent the Health T-Bar at the Orchard outlet because it is peaceful and away from the huge crowds from the other cafes and restaurants in the area – Perfect for meetings and getaway in between appointments too.

Health T Bar

Body Inc has two outlets.


391 Orchard Road #05-19/20
Ngee Ann City
Tel: +65 6836-2041/46

Operating Hours
10am – 9pm (Monday – Friday)
10am – 7pm (Saturday)
Closed (Sun & Public holidays)

Body Inc is on Facebook too.  Join them here.


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