La Source Spa presents their in-house skin and body care brand, INNI.

La Source Spa Presents Exclusive INNI Skin & Bodycare Series

La Source Spa presents their in-house skin and body care brand, INNI.
La Source Spa presents their in house skin and body care brand INNI

La Source Spa (previously LS Philosphy) sure knows how to deliver a good massage. But, that’s not the only card they have up their sleeves. Their exclusive skin and bodycare brand, INNI, debuts this year to battle our skin woes. 100% natural and based off the purifying properties of Austrian Heilmoor clay, this plant-based series ranges from S$38 for a Release Soothing Balm to S$108 for the Skin Rescue Serum.

INNI Skin Care

The brand presents complete skin-care sets for whitening, age-defying, hydrating and purifying. Combined with the healing elements of Heilmoor Clay, each boasts specific plant extracts that are easily absorbed into the skin. Those with mild acne can go for the Purifying range, which includes Tea-Tree and Lavender oil, while those hoping to rewind the signs of aging can rest assured with potent ingredients such as CoEnzyme Q10, Horsetail plant extract and Vitamin C.

La Source Spa INNI Flawless Perfection BB Mousse (S).
La Source Spa INNI Flawless Perfection BB Mousse S$68

The Specialty also includes Perfectly Clean Make-Up Remover (S$48) and Flawless Perfection BB Mousse (S$68) to create and maintain a flawless appearance.


INNI Body Care & Aroma Therapy Blends 

La Source Spa INNI 100% Essential Oils (S - S).
La Source Spa INNI 100 Essential Oils S$48 S$68

You can also bring home the La Source Spa experience with their Youthful Glow Body Scrub (S$58) to detoxify and moisturise or five of their 100% Essential Oils for Sleep Relaxation or a Calm Peace of Mind (S$48 to S$68 each).

La Source Spa is located at 15 Scotts Road, #01-03/04, Singapore 228218. They are open daily 10am-8pm.

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