L’Oreal paris Dermo-Expertise Perfect Clean launches in Watsons

L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean is the latest range of facial cleansing products available in Watsons in Singapore. There are 4 customized formulas for different skin types.

Look out for this in Watsons!

1. Refreshing foaming gel wash – detoxified normal to combination skin
2. Soothing foaming cream wash – fragrance free gentle formula to soothe dry skin

3. Exfoliating foaming gentle scrub – gentle scrub for every skin type to refine pored and eliminate dead skin cells

4. Purifying foaming gel wash – contains Salicylic Acid to deeply purify acne-prone skin

The Scrublet, an innovative cleansing tool with 500 soft flexible bristles allows you to gently scrub and clean your skin pore by pore without drying out the skin.

It is a fast and easy method for perfectly clean skin. All you need is to pop out the Scrublet, hold it between your fingers, squeeze a dollop of the cleanser onto the brush and then allow the flexible bristles mold to facial contours for a gentle massage that deep cleanse the skin pore-by-pore, even difficult to access areas like the side of the nose.

Personally I prefer the Refreshing one (Blue) because I always feel refreshed and cooling after a wash and I do want to wash my face many times a day!!

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