Madonna’s DNA

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I have met Madonna, not once, twice, but three times. One time in her pointy bra set on the red carpet steps of some filmfest, another in an English shop girl floral print dress at a press con, and last in some SM outfit at one of her concerts.

“But she is so petite!” was all I could think to interject.

Edyta Jarosz, an aesthetician, when she first arrived in New York New York (you have to say it twice) and spotted the material girl across a crowded street, thought aloud: “I wish I could do something with her eyebrows.” The rest, as they say without too much browbeating, is entertainment history. I met Edyta in Singapore as ambassador to the near-miraculous line of skincare products MDNA. MDNA is a dream collabo between MTG, one of Japan’s top beauty companies when it comes to innovative technology in skincare, and of course the La Ciccone herself.

When you highlighted her eyebrows, did she say, “Edyta, Don’t Preach!”?  The perfectionist performer made MTG and MDNA go through long-range, exacting standards in R&D before she ticked the box. “Twenty times, 50 times, we would return to the lab, before she could get any satisfaction (with the prototype).” Which is why, in May this year, you could finally get your hands on MDNA’s nine products. The Rejuvenator set with Chrome Clay Mask (looking at Edyta’s demo, made you want to skip out and grab it), The Serum, the Rose Mist.

At its base is the thermal spa water from Montecatini (in Italy, a town I have visited 16 times) from which springs wellness waters. Kinda like going back to her Italian roots. This co-development between the famous pop queen and the renown beauty brand is not about anti-ageing, but how to keep your skin healthy. Take it from Edyta, who has been Madonna’s facialist since their eyebrows first met. At Takashimaya from S$70 to S$940. Like a prayer. Come true.

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