Four month old Baby Sumatran Orangutan (Shutterstock Image)

More Hair For The Year Of The Monkey (Sponsored)


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Japanese macaques shutterstock image

Usher in a new year with healthier hair, or perhaps for some of us, more hair. Last year, I decided to give hair treatment at Yun Nam Hair Care a try since they approached me seeing that I needed some help.

I mentioned in my first article about how my hair grew with the help of Yun Nam Hair Care, that you have to be committed to the treatment because it requires you to go down to Yun Nam’s outlet at Plaza Singapura regularly for scalp treatment, as well as use the shampoo and tonic twice a day. You actually have to massage the tonic into your scalp for five minutes, once in the morning and another at night.

Four month old Baby Sumatran Orangutan (Shutterstock Image)
Four month old Baby Sumatran Orangutan Shutterstock Image

Likewise, there are some lifestyle changes required. No more gelling or waxing my hair. I am supposed to use hair spray on a comb to style my hair. Hmm….  Perhaps going to bed earlier, less binging and reducing alcohol intake to a healthy level like one glass a night?

The last time I went to Yun Nam Hair Care in December 2015, I could see visible signs of healthier hair growth from the hair follicles. What used to be empty follicles while some had one strand of hair, transformed into a healthy garden.

Well this year, I am going to be more conscientious with loving myself. Besides taking care of my crowning glory, I am going to try to get more active with some exercise. That’s going to be a challenging one for me. I am also going to try to eat healthy. Taking steps to be more healthy this year will have to be one of my key goal this year.

It is going to be the year of the Monkey. Must as well be a hairy one instead of a fat one.

What’s your commitment to yourself this year?

Find out how you can take action to get healthy hair here.

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