Atkinsons Her Majesety The Oud

Atkinsons – The Scent of Snobbery

Atkinsons Her Majesety The Oud
Atkinsons Her Majesety The Oud

What price, snobbery? About $305, and it can be bought. Her Majesty, and His Majesty to boot, in your house, the scent of royalty. The crown jewels of perfumes, from Atkinsons, are His Majesty the Oud, and Her Majesty the Oud, both eaux de parfums, which capture and evoke a time when east and west were entwined. Bedouin and Victorian, King Faisal I and Gertrude Bell (google Gertrude).

The leather of saddles on Arabian stallions coupled with rose tea in the tent cooled by swaying palms – and some desert sand in the cucumber sandwiches doubtless – makes for a redolent mixture of Orient embraces Occident.

All in a glorious gold bottle, once uncapped, sense-surrounds you in romantic intrigues, such as tea with Lawrence of Arabia, imagine!

Available from Atkinsons at Robinsons Heeren.

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