5 Steps to Get a Missouri Real Estate License

Getting your Missouri real estate license doesn’t have to be challenging if you follow the right process. Whether you want to become an agent or broker with a real estate license in St Louis or Springfield, understanding the requirements is a crucial step to launching your dream real estate career. You have to complete a few objectives to accomplish your real estate license such as attending approved real estate and passing the state exam. The Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) requires candidates to be aged 18+ and undertake a 72-hour real estate education, pass the course, complete a background check, and submit a license application. Staying focused during your pre-licensing education and approaching your studies with dedication are essential to succeed in your Missouri real estate exam. 

How to Get Your Real Estate License in Missouri

Earning a real estate license in Missouri takes about three to five months. Here are a few tips on how to get a real estate license in Missouri fast. 

  1. Complete State-Required 72-hour Real Estate Education

The first step in getting a real estate license in Missouri is to finish a 72-hour education in an accredited real estate school. RealEstateU is one of the best online schools that provides 72-hour pre-licensing courses in Missouri. Attending online real estate schools is a strategic way to study at your own pace and get your license faster. The 72-hour salesperson pre-licensing course includes a 48-hour salesperson examination course and a 24-hour Missouri real estate practice (MREP). Please check this site out for more info on how to get a Missouri real estate license fully online.

  1. Pass the Course Exam

The next step to follow after meeting the requirement for the 72-hour real estate license course is to pass the course final exam with a score of at least 75% or greater.

  1. Pass the Missouri Real Estate License

All potential licensees must take and pass both the state and national portions of the Missouri real estate exam. The national sectional comprises 100 questions, and students must pass it with 70% or more. On the other hand, the state portion features 40 questions with students being required to pass with 75%. You can book your real estate state exam with the exam provider PSI.

  1. Submit Fingerprint and Pass Criminal Background Check

Submitting your fingerprint scan for background checks is another vital step you don’t have to overlook when trying to get your real estate license in Missouri. You can use IDEMIA (IndentGo) to run your criminal history background check.

  1. Complete Your License Application

The final part of getting your real estate license in Missouri is to apply to the Missouri Department of Professional Registration. 

How Much Do Missouri Real Estate Agents Earn?

On average, Missouri’s real estate agents earn about US$72k annually, which is equivalent to $6k per month. Top earners in the 90 percentile earn over US$90k annually. There is an endless limit on how much money you can make as a real estate agent in Missouri. While the cost of getting a real estate license in the United States differs from state to state, students can expect to spend between US$350 and US$800 to secure their agents’ real estate license MO.

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