Shadow Sculpture Reflects Positive Thinking

Last week, I was at The Cathay together with Kloudia to check out a rather interesting installation.  As part of Singapore’s Health Promotion Board’s Positive Art Series to remind people to stay positive, this 3 by 5.5 metres installation called ‘Sunny’ will be displayed at The Cathay at Handy Road till 1 November. This installation has two sides to it.   Depending on the direction of the sun, two different messages will be displayed on the ground.

In the morning, between the optimal timing of 10 – 1015am, the message “Worries Fade Away” can be seen on the ground.  This words fade away when the sun is once again covered by the clouds.  This very clever use of lighting and precision is the creation of Phunk Studio and advertising agency DDB.

Photo Credit: Health Promotion Board

Ms. Sng Yan Ling, Deputy Director of Mental Health reminds us “that Bad times come and go but a positive attitude can weather even the hardest of situations.”

Do experience this piece of art for yourself and take photos with it and submit it along with a creative caption for a chance to win attractive prizes.  More details here.

Take note of the date 10/10/10. It’s World Mental Health Day.  There will be games, fun and prizes awaiting you at Marina Square.  Spread the positive word and get involved!

Do check out the timelapse video of the setting up of this installation, filmed by @Jamcansing.


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