Get to Know the 8 Programme Categories of the SkillsFuture Training Series

Updating your skill set is the best way to open doors to new professional opportunities. The SkillsFuture Training Series is a skills upgrading initiative spearheaded by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). The objective of the series goes beyond merely updating learners with developments in their fields. Rather, its main goal is to offer Singaporeans a holistic view of their field that builds a foundation for lifelong learning and future innovations.

To achieve this, SkillsFuture Series courses are facilitated by vetted instructors who are also professionals currently working in their field. Classes are held through selected Singapore-based schools and institutions. Schools partnered with SSG provide Certificate of Competency (CoC) courses in eight emerging fields. These fields have been identified by SSG as critical areas for development and courses come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Each skills upgrading programme touches on cutting edge trends happening in specific industries. CoC courses vary in length, with many being as short as a day. These are all designed to help improve employability, income potential, and professional prospects.

The course programme categories below are only the start. As the needs of Singapore and the rest of the world evolve, more categories and courses may be added in future iterations of this training series. Presently, the eight programme categories in the SkillsFuture Series are the following:

Advanced Manufacturing

The bar for what makes a quality tech product gets higher every year. SSG offers CoC courses in Advanced Manufacturing that will prepare learners for Industry 4.0 by helping them understand current developments, innovations, and potential bright spots in this incredibly competitive field. Topics covered include but are not limited to automation, digitalisation, the use of robotics, information integration, networking and other topics relevant to cutting edge manufacturing.


The field of Cybersecurity involves technologies and methodologies for protecting data, computing devices, and related systems. Threats to these assets include malicious activity, theft, and other unforeseen manmade or natural events that could comprise data integrity. CoC courses for Cybersecurity cover encryption technologies, cybersecurity compliance, incident investigation, risk management, intelligence gathering, and security control mechanisms.

Data Analytics

Sustainable organisational growth is now only possible through professionals with good analytics skills. Data analytics is the practice of collecting, handling, and analysing data to gain valuable insights. These insights and discoveries could then be leveraged to reduce risk in decision-making. Data analytics has immense value in a variety of emerging and high-value fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data visualisation, cloud computing, and much more.

Digital Media

The types of content consumed today are largely in the domain of Digital Media. Whether you need to reach domestic or international audiences, a firm grasp of this field is now mandatory and critical to achieving success. Digital Media CoC courses cover content creation, production, intellectual property usage, communications, broadcasting, and more. It also covers social media, games, and interactive media, among others.


Entrepreneurship is the art and science of turning an idea into something with market value. Where better to learn it than in one of the world’s leading entrepreneur hubs, the city-state of Singapore itself? SSG Entrepreneurship CoC courses include primers on entrepreneurial innovation, proven market strategies, taking your enterprise to a global market, risk-taking, and sustainable growth.


Singapore is currently one of the world’s leading financial hubs and is always striving to do better. Finance courses through SSG will cover emerging and near-future technologies in finance and related services. This includes the design and policy surrounding the use of financial technology (fintech). Ideas covered include upcoming fintech trends, blockchain technology, risk management, compliance best practices, governance, as well as asset and wealth management.

Tech-Enabled Services

Technology solutions are becoming ever-more sophisticated. The Tech-Enabled Services courses will help learners understand and apply current and upcoming technologies to a wide variety of fields including but not limited to marketing, security, supply chains, geospatial imaging, and much more.

Urban Solutions

Singapore is widely considered to be a leader in smart urban development. Through SSG’s CoC courses for Urban Solutions, you can help the country and other cities become more liveable while reducing their negative environmental and social impact. The courses will cover transportation systems, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, urban development, urban policy, and other relevant ideas. 

Update Your Skills through SSG

Preparation can make an otherwise uncertain future a little less daunting. Skills upgrading through SSG CoC courses will put you in touch with some of the brightest minds in your field. These courses can put you on the path to lifelong learning, better job satisfaction, a higher income, as well as better resilience and flexibility to meet different challenges.

Choosing to update your skills through SkillsFuture courses ensures that your practical knowledge stays relevant and up-to-date. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a long-time employee, the offered CoC courses will give you the competitive edge you need to thrive in the labour markets of tomorrow.

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