Marina Bay Sands 24/7 premieres on Bio (Starhub TV Ch 404) 31 May 2012

Marina Bay Sands 24/7 Premieres on Bio Channel

Marina Bay Sands 24/7 premieres on Bio (Starhub TV Ch 404) 31 May 2012
Marina Bay Sands 24/7 premieres on Bio (Starhub TV Ch 404) 31 May 2012

22 May 2012, Singapore – This eight episode series, “Marina Bay Sands 24/7”, will reveal behind the scene footage on how the integrated resort, Marina Bay Sands ensures that every event is a success and all visitors go back with a smile.

With more than 9,000 staff to operate a world-class integrated resort with 2,561 hotel rooms, a shopping mall, an expo convention center, a museum, a casino, entertainment theaters and restaurants, the US$5.7 billion Marina Bays Sands operates like a mini city. And having over 4,000 events booked in the first two years, Marina Bay Sands have handled some of the biggest events held in Singapore, from press conferences for Sir Elton John to unveiling the biggest exhibits of Titanic artifacts, an eight course dinner banquet for 5,000 guests to a runway rendezvous for Singapore’s Women’s Fashion Week and Asia’s first Men’s Fashion Week.

In this series, you will see the insights on how they prepare and handle every little detail of the event to expect minimal hick ups during the event, and the logistics needed to facilitate the 9,000 staff.

“Marina Bay Sands 24/7” airs on Bio (Starhub TV Ch 404) from 31 May 2012, every Thursday at 9.30pm


Premieres 31 May, Thursday, 930pm

This episode of Marina Bay Sands 24/7 introduces us to the hidden world behind the scenes of Singapore’s leading integrated resort. Who are the people that keep this bustling property buzzing around the clock? From the charismatic chef to the charming bell boy, we witness their dramas and dilemmas as they achieve the seemingly impossible on a daily basis.


Premieres 7 June, Thursday, 930pm

In this episode, Marina Bay Sands puts on the ultimate party – an eight-course meal for 5,000 VIP guests, making it the biggest dinner ever held on the property. With a thousand or more cars than the available parking spaces, two extra tons of food, and 650 extra staff hired just for the night, there’s a lot that could go wrong.  Watch the drama unfold as the team rises to the occasion to pull off the biggest night of their careers.


Premieres 14 June, Thursday, 930pm

In this episode, Marina Bay Sands readies the red carpet for rock ‘n’ roll royalty: music legend, Sir Elton John.   Go behind the scenes to see what it takes to prepare for a VIP arrival – from souped-up suites to custom-made mini Cadillacs. Living the high life has never been more stylish.  But it’s not all fun and games. Bay Floral, the in-house flower department, is tasked with creating a jaw-dropping replica of Marina Bay Sands purely out of flowers, to stand beside Sir Elton at the all-important press conference.   But with only 48 hours on the clock, will the team make it in time?


Premieres 21 June, Thursday, 930pm

In this episode, the ArtScience Museum prepares to unveil the biggest exhibit of Titanic artifacts the world has ever seen. With over 300 priceless artifacts installed amidst an iceberg that won’t freeze, flying dust and a two-ton bollard threatening to break the floor, the museum team has to work around the clock to pull off the feat of the year.  Throw in a simulated terrorist attack, a lesson on mopping up vomit stains, and a tropical thunderstorm… just another day at the office of Marina Bay Sands.

Here’s’s  review of the Titanic Exhibition.


Premieres 28 June, Thursday, 930pm

In this episode, the Parisian couture descends upon Marina Bay Sands for Singapore’s Women’s Fashion Week.  Events Manager, Charlie has to turn an empty convention hall into a VIP runway show for a guest list made up of celebrities, royalty, and world-class fashionistas.  Meanwhile, below deck, the valet team gets turbo-charged behind the wheels of the latest supercar. But it’s not all glitz and glamour – with plumbing problems, unexpected delays, and ankle-breaking runway routes, the team must fight some serious odds in order to make the magic happen in time for the red carpet.


Premieres 5 July, Thursday, 930pm

In this episode, Broadway comes to Marina Bay Sands as the curtain rises on the hotly anticipated musical, “Wicked.”  But opening night comes with its own dramas. Watch how the theater team is forced to dig deep to pull the show together. Meanwhile, the Sands Skypark on the 57th storey turns into a party pad for the Russian Business Forum, and as the vodka flows, a vintage bottle of champagne salvaged from a hundred year old sea wreck has its cork popped at.

We at enjoyed the season of Wicked here in Singapore.  Read our review here.


Premieres 12 July, Thursday, 930pm

In this episode, Men’s Fashion Week comes to town and the retail team has the monumental task of transforming the mall into a glamorous fashion ramp.  You can also check out some of the coverage from on Men’s Fashion Week below:


Premieres 19 July, Thursday, 930pm

In this final episode, Marina Bay Sands celebrates the new year at Marina Bay Sands in characteristic fashion. While BASE jumpers launch off the 57-storey Sands Skypark to kick off New Year’s Day,  get exclusive access into where the real party’s at – as the hardworking employees of Marina Bay Sands kick back in style to round off another year of record breaking success, and back-breaking hard work.