HungryGoWhere Gets Acquired By SingTel for S$12million

SingTel Acquires HungryGoWhere for S$12 million

HungryGoWhere Gets Acquired By SingTel for Smillion
HungryGoWhere Gets Acquired By SingTel for S$12million

22 May 2012, Singapore – Singapore food website HungryGoWhere owners GTW Holdings Pte Ltd will merge with as part of an acquisition agreement between Singapore Telecommunications Limited and GTW. SingTel will pay GTW S$12 million for this acquisition. GTW’s founders here in Singapore will continue to play an important role in expanding SingTel’s hyper-local services here and internationally.

This acquisition will benefit an audience of two million customers making the merger the largest food and lifestyle audience in Singapore serving over 70% of the visitors who rely on mobile and online means for food and restaurant advice.

HungryGoWhere recently developed and launched the TableDB Reservation Platform that allows restauranteurs to take reservations on tablet solutions, hence improving their in-house productivity. This together with will provide the most comprehensive, end-to-end food listing and reservation business in Singapore, claims SingTel.

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