K-pop Stars SuperM in Prudential's We DO Well Together Campaign (Prudential Corporation Asia photo)

SuperM and Prudential Hong Kong Launch “We DO Well Together”

K-pop Stars SuperM in Prudential's We DO Well Together Campaign (Prudential Corporation Asia photo)
K-pop Stars SuperM in Prudential’s We DO Well Together Campaign (Prudential Corporation Asia photo)

Prudential Corporation Asia in Hong Kong has collaborated with Korean Pop supergroup SuperM to launch a new campaign. We DO Well Together encourages people across Asia to have fun staying well and healthy throughout 2021,

Prudential and SuperM will hold a series of events to motivate people to lead healthier lives and achieve better wellness. Prudential will announce more details of the activities in the next few months.

As the world experiences challenging times due to the pandemic, it is our ambition to spread positive energy and help as many people as possible to achieve not just good physical health, but mental wellbeing as well. We share a common mission with Prudential to help improve people’s wellness and drive optimism in good and bad times. Through ‘We DO Well Together’, we call on everybody to put in the same energy and spirit as ‘We DO’ to achieve our life goals together.


SuperM was formed in 2019 by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group. The seven members were picked from top K-pop groups. Prudential chose to work with SuperM because of their positive and energetic approach to music and performance. This embodies Prudential’s “We DO” spirit which celebrates the drive and optimism of today’s generation.

Prudential and SuperM share a common goal. We want to promote the importance of staying fit and healthy, especially during these times. Together, we want to motivate people to attain wellness in a positive, proactive and fun way.

Nic Nicandrou, Prudential Corporation Asia Chief Executive

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