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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – ET Lowest Scores & Chloe Tried Quitting

19 August 2012, Singapore – This week’s Sunsilk Academy Fantasia elimination round saw many ups and down. With Jun Yang, popular favourites like Zhang Chi and E T in the bottom three, fans were all debating online who deserved to stay on in the competition.

In the midst of the hot debate between fans online, the principal, Anna Lim, sent both Jun Yang and Zhang Chi back to the safe zone leaving E T the only one standing in the unsafe zone. Anna summoned Chloe to the unsafe zone to join E T. The rest of the contestants looked shocked as Chloe got both high scores from the judges and high votes from the fans.

Chloe wanted to quit from the competition, as she thinks that E T, whom she admires for being a hardworking & determined contender, might get eliminated this week and she wants E T to have her spot. But Chloe retracted her decision to quit just before the principal arrived as she should pursue her dreams and not let her fans down. Chloe broke down and cried while explaining her indecisiveness to the principal and the rest of the contestants.


Anna finally announced that both Chloe & E T gets to stay in the competition, making this week a non elimination round.

Fans continued to debate on the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia production’s decision on making this week a non elimination round. The hot topics are:

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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – Chloe
Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – E T
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