Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Spop - Week 3

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – Zhi Lin & Jessie Gets Eliminated

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Opening Performance
Sunsilk Academy Fantasia SPOP Opening Performance

5 August 2012, Singapore –  This week’s Sunsilk Academy Fantasia reality television competition heats up with the remaining 5 guys and 5 girls at Dragonfly. With Singapore’s 47th National Day on 9 August 2012, the theme for the week was S Pop – songs written or sung by Singaporean artistes.

With Guang Li, Irwin, Jun Yang, Zhang Chi, ET, Jessie, Hui Xian, Vee, Zhi Lin and Chloe trying to outperform each other to stay in the show, the week has gotten more entertaining on StarHub TV Channel 110 where the programme is aired live from 7am to 1am daily.

This is the first time during the competition two individuals will be eliminated regardless of gender as previously one from each gender gets eliminated.  And it was the girls who were affected this week with Zhi Lin and Jessie leaving the academy.


Week Roundup

During the last week, 18 year old Zhang Chi who is also the youngest of the ten has been acting up, being the stubborn lad he is.  He walked out of a lesson because he was agitated by Jun Yang’s reaction to him not brushing his teeth.  Zhang Chi was also upset with Zhi Lin when she commented that he was not practising insinuating that she was trying to make him lose audience votes.

Vee got a birthday surprise when her family visited her at the set and got to eat with her.


The Performance At Dragonfly

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Supporters

There were more fans at Dragonfly this week.   Irwin’s fans from his fan club IR.F.IRMATION came in blue coordinated tees and Chloe’s fans in Green flooded the stage front.  Fans of ET and Hui Xian were also around to support.

Check out the performance in the video below.


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - GUANG LI

Guang Li – He had the honours of kicking off the performance this week.  The judges felt that Guang Li is hardworking but had a flat voice and gave him a borderline score. Similarly, audience votes were low for Guang Li  and he was one of the four to be in the “danger” zone of getting eliminated.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - VEE

Vee – This week Vee picked a song that was difficult to sing and she was breathing to hard.  She received botherline scores from the judges but she received botherline high votes from the audience.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Jessie

Jessie – Jessie engaged the audience well but her voice was flat without buoyancy (referred to as a ball that is dropped but does not bounce).  Jessie is also amongst the many contestants this week who had to improve on their breathing.  Jessie received low scores from the judges and also received few votes from the audience.  Jessie fell in the danger” zone this week.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Irwin

Irwin – The judges felt that Irwin should practise on his breathing.  Irwin needs to reduce unnecessary dance moves that saps away his energy from singing.   It was also sugested that he should pick a slower song.   Irwin’s supporters have been supportive and he received the second highest votes this week.


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Hui Xian
Hui Xian

Hui Xian – The judges felt that Hui Xian has a good powerful voice and awarded the second highest scores this week.   Hui Xian received botherline high votes from the audience.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Zhang Chi
Zhang Chi

Zhang Chi – The judges like Zhang Chi’s voice this week but felt he lacked expression.  Other comments included insufficient practice, poor diction, and an unforgettable personality.  The judges offered her average scores and surprisingly received the highest audience votes .

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - ET

ET – The judges commented that Eng Teck added too much unnecessary song parts and he needed to improve his breathing techniques.  The judges offered him okay results.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Zhi Lin
Zhi Lin

Zhi Lin – Judges felt that Zhi Lin is pretty and has the looks of the star.  She has good expressions and stage presence but weak foundation in singing. She would be better off as an actress or host.   Zhi Lin received the lowest scores from the judges this week and only some audience votes.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Jun Yang
Jun Yang

Jun Yang – The judges commented that Jun Yang didn’t have a stable end note.  He needed to sing more directly since Tanya Chua’s songs are more folk rock ballad style which should be sung as is without too much unnecessary techniques.  Jun Yang also needed to improve on his pronunciation.  Jun Yang did not receive very high scores from the judges or much votes from the audience.  Jun Yang was in the “danger” zone this week.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - SPOP - Chloe

Chloe – Chloe lacked self confidence but the will to learn. The hardworking and detailed girl she is has shown in her performance with a good, rich and full voice without overusing any of the singing techniques that was taught at the Academy.  She successfully portrayed the emotions of the song at the performance.  The judges awarded Chloe with the highest scores and she also received high votes from the audience.


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Spop - Judges

Watching the results segment every weekend is as excruciating as the participants in the Academy. The suspense can be reduced.

Zhi Ling shared that she felt fortunate to make it to top 10 and thanked the judges and audience for giving her this chance to learn.  Guang Li was just glad the audience has listened to him.  Jessie was disappointed with the results and thanked the audience for their votes.   Jun Yang never expected to last this long.  In fact he was expecting to be eliminated in the first two rounds when he first joined.

The brotherhood could be seen amongst the boys when Guang Li and Jun Yang were standing together with Zhi Lin and Jessie while the results were being announced. Both Guang Li and ET were hugging each other while Irwin was tapping Guang Li’s back in support before the results were announced.    Zhang Chi was overjoyed when Guang Li got to stay another week and he showed it by giving Guang Li a long hug and was in tears.

When Jessie’s elimination was announced, Chloe was in tears.   She has been very close to Jessie.   Was it coincidental that the two girls who got eliminated sang Sun Yan Zhi’s songs?  And what we found interesting was Zhang Chi’s outburst of tears when Zhi Lin spoke to him and wishing him an early “happy birthday”.

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