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Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on SUPERADRIANME YOUTUBE Channel in 2012


Top 10 SUPERADRIANME1 Youtube Channel Views

27 December 2012, Singapore –  We look back at the videos on our Youtube channel and present the top 10 watched videos on our channel this year.  Not surprisingly, PSY’s Gangnam Style performance at Marina Bay Sands earlier this month came up tops on the list of videos with over 145,000 views while Japanese actor/singer Kamiji Yusuke who performed in Singapore during the Men’s Fashion Week 2012 in April garnered a far 63,515 views.  This year’s Manhunt Singapore made it to the top 10 with two videos, while the opening of LEGOLAND Malaysia got viewers interested to get sneak peaks before it opened.   Old videos from previous year made it to top 10 including Barberella Baskin Robbins and Korean actor/singer heart throb Lee Min Ho.


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1. PSY Gangnam Style LIVE at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Read about it here.

2. Kamiji Yusuke (上地 雄輔) at Men’s Fashion Week Singapore 2012

Read about it here.

3. Legoland Malaysia – Sneak Preview

Read about it here.

4. Manhunt Singapore 2012 Finals at Avalon

Read about it here.

5.Lee Min Ho 이민호 speaks to 3 fans with his LG Optimus GT540 in Singapore

Read about it here.

It’s been over two years, and fans of Korean artiste Lee Min Ho have still be searching through this video getting all excited with their idol.



6. LEGOLAND Malaysia Media Preview on 1 Sept 2012

Read about it here.

7. Tyra Banks at Asia’s Next Top Model Press Conference

Read about it here.

8. Microsoft Surface Demo on Samsung SUR40

Taken in May in 2011, Microsoft Surface is still popular sought after being relatively new.

9. Barbarella Baskin Robbins (The Noose)

Read about it here.

Barbarella Baskin-Robbins hosted the grand opening of Baskin-Robbins at Velocity, Novena Square on 9 June last year making it the 4000th store in the world.


10.Manhunt Singapore 2012 – Top 20 Swimwear at Wave House Sentosa


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