Top Local Blogs in 2011 According to Google Zeitgeist


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December 2011, Singapore – Google reveals the internet “Zeitgeist” (German for the spirit of the times) through an exploration of the billions of search queries received each year.   In 2011, Google unravels the list of top local blogs in Singapore searched by users here.

  1. mrbrown
  2. Beatrice Tan
  3. Yankaykay
  4. Peggy Heng
  5. Steven Lim
  6. Xiaxue
  7. Norfasarie2baihakki
  8. Dawn Yang
  9. Silver Ang
  10. Miyake Wong

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  1. Amanda Silver

    I love mrbrown’s blog also… and I’m getting to know the others little by little 🙂 congrats to all of you, guys! and Merry Christmas!

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