A Recyclable Christmas at *SCAPE to Raise Funds for Charity

Scape GM Evelyn with Fly Ariste Irene Ang, Pamelyn Chee, Aalaric Tay and Adele Wong
Scape GM Evelyn with Fly Ariste Irene Ang Pamelyn Chee Aalaric Tay and Adele Wong

17 December 2010, Singapore – *SCAPE has collaborated with Nayang Polytechnic and The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore (SCAS) this Christmas.  Perfect Rivals/FLY Entertainment artistes Irene Ang, Pamelyn Chee, Adele Wong and Alaric Tay and Nanyang Polytechnic students dressed up the trees with handmade origami recycled from *SCAPE flyers.

Taking creative direction from the SCAS beneficiaries, students from Nanyang Polytechnic’s Sakuran Japanese Club are creating the origami decorations for this charity event. Celebrities from FLY Entertainment will do up the tree alongside the students to do their part for this significant event. The proceeds from this event will go to *SCAPE Youth Fund and SCAS.

Fly Artiste Adel Wong, Irene Ang, Aalaric Tay and Pamelyn Chee
Fly Artiste Adel Wong, Irene Ang, Aalaric Tay and Pamelyn Chee

Youth empowerment is a large part of *SCAPE’s mission and vision of youth and leadership development, and this event, initiated by the *SCAPE and the students, will give young Singaporeans a chance to participate in a worthwhile cause to help raise awareness on Cerebral Palsy.  More youth initiatives of various nature can also be facilitated by *SCAPE with the money raised for the *SCAPE Youth Fund.

“Christmas is a time of giving, and *SCAPE wants to provide a platform for youth to have the opportunity to contribute to a good cause,” said Evelyn Lau, General Manager of *SCAPE Co. Ltd. “We are very impressed by the passion of the Nanyang Polytechnic students, who contributed ideas, time and effort, and *SCAPE is more than happy to support them in this worthy cause.”

Youths who might not have the means to bid for a tree will also be able to participate in the event, as *SCAPE hopes to be engage all young people by providing them with opportunities to contribute in events for social causes.

These youth can write well wishes to the SCAS beneficiaries via the *SCAPE Facebook page from today. These well-wishes will then be hung on the Christmas trees for display at *SCAPE before they are finally sold to the winning bidder.

SCAS is the custodian of the needy children with Cerebral Palsy, who require special education, early intervention and rehabilitation services. Donations will be channelled towards their Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC), to defray the cost of programme fees, transport, diapers, wheelchairs, vitamin supplements, food rations, purchase of educational materials and therapy equipment. This will greatly help the families of the children, which face financial hardship and have difficulty providing for the special needs of their disabled children

These decorated trees will be on display at *SCAPE and thereafter sold at $800. 50% of the proceeds will be to SCAS and 50% will go to the *SCAPE Youth Fund which will allow *SCAPE to continue its youth project and venue sponsorships.

This event is also part of *SCAPE’s launch of its unique Social Retail Colony this yearend, alongside Project Dance Edge and Red Cross Humanitarian-SMU Chapter’s public blood donation drive.

Photo Credits:  FLY Entertainment

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