Adam Lambert in Singapore in 2010 - F1

Adam Lambert’s Stellar Performance at LG Life in Singapore

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour 2010, Singapore
Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour 2010 Singapore

25 September 2010, Singapore – Adam Lambert truly delivered what he had spoken about in the earlier part of this afternoon during the media conference in terms of what fans can expect from his concert tonight at 1130pm. Held after the Formula One Qualifying of the Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix,  Adam started a very stunning number dressed in Purple Jacket with long tassles over his black attire and a hat.  The dancers and band very quickly engaged the more than 20,000 eager fans as they sang and danced along.

Adam Lambert in Singapore during his Glam Nation 2010 tour.
Adam Lambert in Singapore during his Glam Nation 2010 tour.
Silhouette of Adam Lambert
Silhouette of Adam Lambert


Adam Lambert in Singapore in 2010 - F1
Adam Lambert and Base Guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the photos below.  It’s 417am in Singapore now, and I really should be getting some sleep after having had a long Saturday!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’ll leave comments behind or share this with your friends and other Adam Lambert fans!!



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  6. great pictures. Thank you so much. Like being at the concert! Gale Hunter,Burlington,Ontario,Canada.

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  8. Thanks so much for these great pictures and vids. I was so happy to see how much the fans so far overseas love Adam. I am sure this will add even more fans on to the list of Glamberts. We are really just one nation even though we live in other States and Countries you know. He sure knows how to bring people together. Fabulous thought right?

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  12. fantastic phots and videos, thank you so much for sharing.

  13. I love Adam heart and soul. Thank you for appreciation regarding Adam’s performance. I have seen Adam at St. Jean.

    Good luck sweet angel Adam!

  14. Bookplace1717

    Thanks so much for these amazingly beautiful pictures and videos of Adam’s performance. It sounds like Adam put on a show of shows. All the love to other Glamberts…

    • He sure did! And I am sure he was feeling very hot from the warm and humid weather. I was wearing a polo tee and jeans, and I was already perspiring profusely, albeit living in Singapore almost all my life.

  15. Thanks for these amazing pictures. I am so glad Singapore fans had a chance to see Adam Lambert thrilling concerts!

  16. thank you for the awesome videos and photos. shared a link on my FB and credited you as the source. hope you don’t mind 🙂

  17. Thanks for the posting and vids. Us UK fans are waiting eagerly for him to come to the UK and meanwhile can’t get enough of him! Thrilled that Singapore showed him so much love and respect. Thanks again.

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  19. wow! singapore, thank you for having adam lambert again, can’t wait for his sydney concert!

  20. After attending 6 US Adam Lambert concerts, I couldn’t wait to see how he was received in Singapore. Thank you for all the love you showed. Adam is a one of a kind performer, talented, joyous, just wanting to give the fans what they want and feed back the energy they give him. We all want to see him around for a long, long time.

    • Fans in Singapore were very happy to see Adam Lambert again. Fans from Malaysia and Philippines were even envious when they tweeted me.

  21. Thank you soooo much for all the trouble you took to get this up quickly. International glamberts are amazing. We sure do miss him here in the States, but I’m glad that you have had a chance to see Adam in person! Words are totally inadequate.

  22. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vids, and photos!!

    We US fans miss him already, but are so happy that Singapore loves him as much as we do.

  23. Your pics of Adam are absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  24. Your pics are fabulous – thank you so much!

  25. Wow you got some great photos – thank you!

  26. Wonderful pictures and videos! I can’t imagine how many people were there. But it looked totally awesome!

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