The American Express EZ-Link Imagine Card

American Express Launches EZ-Link Imagine Prepaid Card

The American Express EZ-Link Imagine Card

11 November 2012, Singapore – American Express launched its first multi-functional contactless youth prepaid card – the EZ-Link Imagine American Express Prepaid Card (or the “Imagine Card”) here in Singapore, targeting the youth segment aged between 17 and 25 .

Packing in two separate purses – EZ-Link’s CEPAS and American Express prepaid, an EMV Smart Chip, American Express contactless and magstripem the new prepaid card lets you make payments by dipping, tapping or swiping.

Besides being accepted for EZ-Link payments for transport, parking and ERP, the card can also be used for merchant payments that accept EZ-Link or American Express payment modes. The card can be integrated with the EZ-Link Season Pass, which offers unlimited bus travel and up to four train rides per day.
Three Easy Steps to complete American Express Contactless Payments
A mobile app available on Google Play, Imagine mobile app, was also developed to let you view offers, card transactions and balances in real-time.

Apply and purchase the Imagine Card at S$50 with S$40 preloaded in the spending purse at or any TransitLink ticket office.  The Imagine Card can be topped up online at and AXS Stations, with more channels to be added in the future.

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  1. Clara Cheong


    I hav made a purchased online the EZ-Link Imagine Prepaid Card on the 3rd January
    Please advise when can I received the card…

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