Boxing Boys! Premieres In Singapore

29 October 2011, Singapore – Boxing Boys! the world’s first non-verbal Thai kickboxing performance blending martial arts with street dance, physical comedy and romance opened yesterday at Singapore’s 1942 seat Esplanade Theatre after its critically acclaimed world premiere in Thailand earlier this year.

Celebrated Thai director of the award-winning film Beautiful Boxer and the hit musical Chang & Eng, Ekachai Uekrongtham conceptualized, directed and co choreographed Boxing Boys!  This inventive live theatre performance does not rely on words but uses visual, physical and musical elements of the production to tell a story of how two young men – a robust professional kickboxer and a mischievous street dancer – fight to win over the younger sister of a Muay Thai master.

The cast is made up of real-life Thai kickboxing champions, award winning street dancers, sports champs and martial arts experts including:

  • Pongsiri Bunluewong – winner of three Equestrian Gold Medals from the SEA Games and Asian Games
  • Samran Malaithaisong – Thai kickboxing champion recently named “Star Kickboxer” by Muay Siam Magazine
  • Asanee Suwan – Kickboxing champ and Thai ‘Oscar’ winner for best Actor from Beautiful Boxer
  • Pakasit Luxsiri – 6-time winner of the National Thai Sword Fighting Competitions
  • Assanai Yungyuen – Taekwondo instructor who holds a black belt and has won numerous National Taekwondo Contsts
  • Thiniwat Tonglue – winner of the recent Singha Battle of the Year Thailand and the 11th Phrasumain Anniversary Krumping Battle

The choreography is co-created by one of Thailand’s leading choreographers Kanyarat Napasab and Uekrongtham.  It blends Thai martial arts and traditional Thai dance with street dance like B-Boying, Krumping, Popping and Locking as well as contemporary dance and body percussion.  Master Sane Tubthimtong, one of the world’s most revered Muay Thai masters choreographed the extensive fight choreography in the show.  The show also incorporates a war scene showcasing sword-fighting sequences between Thai and Burmese warriors – leading up the very moment when Muay Thai was born.

Papassilp Kitawaongwat, Thai ‘Oscar’ winner for Best Original Score from Yamada, and Pacharapong Chantapoon, composer and arranger for musical theatre as well as sound design creator Nakorn Kositpaisarn, winner of Asian Film Award for Best Sound Design for Warlords starring Jet Li are also part of the team.

Boxing Boys! is in Singapore for a three day show till 30 October 2011.


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