Celebrate World Heart Day with Nature’s Wonders Social Media Fitness Challenge #NWTap4HealthyChallenge

Nature’s Wonders has launched #NWTap4HealthyHeart, a social media fitness challenge to encourage and promote the importance of a balanced and sustainable heart-healthy lifestyle in conjunction with World Heart Day today.

Show your support for the challenge on Instagram and Facebook from World Health Day today till 28 October 2020 and help raise proceeds towards the Singapore Heart Foundation. Participants also stand a chance to win S$50 worth of Nature’s Wonders products when they show their support for the challenge before it ends by 28 October 2020.

You can participate in the challenge and encourage friends and family to try out a simple yet enriching activity that can be done from anywhere including at home.

  • Film a 1-min video of yourself doing as many shoulder taps as you can while doing a straight arm plank. For every shoulder tap completed during the plank, $1 will be donated to the United Hearts Fund of SHF, to help create a heart-healthy nation.
  • Post the challenge entry on Instagram / Facebook with the hashtag #NWTap4HealthyHeart. Make sure your posts are set for public viewing.
  • Challenge 3 other friends or family members by tagging them on your post.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide? Almost 1 out of 3 deaths in Singapore is attributed to heart diseases or stroke. You can lower the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease through diet to prevent obesity and improve the functions of your heart and blood vessels. Learn more about what food to avoid for a healthier heart here.

Nature’s Wonders dried fruits and nuts mixes are lightly baked with no added salt or oil. These heart-healthy and wholesome snack alternatives provide consumers with healthier snack options that are protein-packed and handpicked from the best plantations and specialty growers from around the world. Nature’s Wonders Hearty Mix feature a combination of dried fruits and nuts mix rich in vitamins and minerals from pecans, cashew nuts, cranberries and goji berries. Nature’s Wonders Mighty Mix is packed with Omega-3 and is rich in nutrients.

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