Cellography Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Singapore’s Unique Cello Pop Orchestra Led by Hughes Chong – Concert on July 13 at Gateway Theatre

Cellography is Singapore’s only cello pop orchestra. Made up of members from all walks of life and various age group and helmed by established local cellist educator and composer, Mr Hughes Chong, Cellography celebrates their 10th anniversary with a 10th Anniversary concert. on 13 July 2024 at Gateway Theatre.

Cellography Concert
Cellography Concert

The concert will bring audiences on a journey through the last 10 years with a wide-ranging repertoire including the majestic battle drums of “Game of Thrones”, to the dreamy wistfulness of “Rainbow Connection”. Familiar tunes from popular movie and Broadway theme songs such as “Into the Unknown” and “Mamma Mia” as well as numerous Chinese oldies will be performed. Cellography’s “Journey of a Decade” concert will be held on 13 July 2024, Saturday at Gateway Theatre. Tickets are priced from S$26 to S$55 and can be booked via SISTIC Ticketing.

Cellography was in the midst of preparing for its concert in 2020 when Covid-19 hit, leading to cancellation and forfeiture of theatre hall booking deposit. It was a tough and challenging period for the small and private orchestra group. After the pandemic, ‘revenge concert-going’ happened and people flocked to concerts and music festivals. The pent-up demand for live entertainment has led to surge in ticket sales and concert attendance.


The vision of Cellography is to bring like-minded musicians together to make music, regardless of grades or competency level. Cellography focuses on pop music to relate to a wider audience. Cellography’s concert also presents a good opportunity for members to play on stage to a larger audience and to have the experience of playing in an orchestra. Cellography also welcomes members of the public to join them as a cellist or player of other musical instruments.

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