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Chinese Theatre Circle – Intrigues in the Qing Imperial Court 17 March

CTC - Intrigues In The Qing Imperial Court 2013

15 March 2013, Singapore – Happening this weekend is the Chinese opera Intrigues in the Qing Imperial Court presented by Chinese Theatre Circle.   The opera is based on the futile 100-day Reform Movement during the Qing Dynasty in China (11 June 1898 – 21 September 1898).  Intrigues in the Qing Imperial Court tells the tragic tale of romance between Emperor Guang Xu (AD 1871 – 1908) the second last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (AD 1654 – 1911) and his concubine Zhen Fei.

Chinese Theatre Circle unfolds an opera depicting the tragic love story between Emperor Guang Xu, also known as the puppet emperor, and his concubine Zhen Fei, set against a time of turmoil – the 100-day Reform Movement in 1898.  This one-night performance will be performed in Cantonese, which is the first time in ten years (since 2003, Shanghai), with English and Mandarin surtitles.

Starring See Too Hoi Siang as Concubine Zhen Fei

See Too is the only Chinese Opera artist to have received two “Outstanding Young Person” awards for cultural achievement, viz, one is The Outstanding Young Person In Singapore Award in 2000, followed immediately by The Outstanding Young Person In the World Award, which is an international award. She beat about 180 candidates from 200 countries. Today, she still holds the record as being the first Chinese Opera actress in the world to be conferred this global honour.


Show Date : 17 March 2013, Sunday
Show Time : 7.30pm
Venue  :The Drama Centre, Level 3 National Library Building (100 Victoria Street)

Tickets begin from $10 and can be bought online (www.botempus.com/ctc / 6100 2684) or at the door.

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