Dali: Mind of A Genius Exhibtion at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

Dali: Mind of A Genius - The Exhibition

12 May 2011, SIngapore – This Saturday 14 May 2011, you can enter the surreal mind of one of the 20th century’s best known artists, Salvador Dali. Dali: Mind of A Genius – The Exhibition will display over 250 Dali artworks, making this the first time ever that such a large number of his masterpieces are shown within one single venue in Singapore.

Dali: Mind of A Genius: Surrealism
The basis of Dali's Works - Surrealism

The exhibition is divided into three themed areas – Femininity and Sensuality, Religion and Mythology and Dreams and Fantasy.

Feminity and Sensuality

The female form and its sensuality is featured in Dali’s artworks in this area.  The sculpture of Women Aflame that unites two of Dali’s obsessions: A female form with drawers set aflame.

Religion and Mythology

Reflecting Dali’s tempestuous and ambiguous relationship with the Church, artworks in this area include renowned sculptures such as the Snail and the Angel, Adam and Eve and Vision of the Angel.


Dali: Mind of A Genius - The Exhibition - Adam and Eve
Adam & Eve

Dali: Mind of A Genius - Anthropomorphic Cabinet 1982 Bronze
Anthropomorphic Cabinet 1982 Bronze


Video: Dali: Mind of a Genius – ArtScience Museum


Dreams and Fantasy

Dali has been fascinated with the subconscious mind as the true canvas for expression of personality.  This is translated through his sculptures such as Persistence of Memory and Dance of Time I.  Other works that refer to a life lived through dreams and distorted visions of reality include the alluring Alice in Wonderland and Spellbound, a huge 11 meter by 5 meter visually spectacular 1945 painting borne from Dali’s collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock.  Spellbound is the size of two double decker buses.


  • Dali: Mind of a Genius - Space Elephant 1980 BronzeSpace Elephant 1980 Bronze

Dali: Mind of a Genius

Dali: Mind of a Genius


Dali: Mind of a Genius - Spelbound - Collaboration between Dali and Alfred Hitchcock
Spelbound - Collaboration between Dali and Alfred Hitchcock


Come down and soak in the Dali atmosphere.  Great time to spend with the family  during the school holidays as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits during the media preview today and will definitely return for more.   Children of various ages can request for educational materials to better understand Dali and his masterpieces.  While you are at the ArtScience Museum, take the opportunity to visit the Van Gogh Alive exhibition which is around till 6 November 2011

The Exhibition will run from 14 May 2011 to 30 October 2011.
Operating Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm  (last admission at 9.00pm)
Admission Charges: Adult $30.00 | Seniors (65 and above): $27.00 | Child (2 – 12 years): $17.00 | School Group: $10.00 | Group Sales: $24.50
For more information click here.


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