Down Syndrome Association Singapore Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day on 21 March with Rock Your Socks Initiative

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21 March 2024 as a reflection of the uniqueness of the triplication of 21st chromosome which causes Down Syndrome. The Down Syndrome Association of Singapore celebrates this day with a “Rock Your Socks” initiative to encourage people to mismatch their socks.

This initiative highlights the uniqueness of differently ordered chromosomes with the theme ‘End the Stereotypes. We are just like you.

“Stereotypes can limit people with Down Syndrome and other special needs from developing to their potential and living their fullest life. Having Down syndrome or any other special needs is just a part of who the person is. Rock Your Socks serves to highlight the differences we all experience in some way,” said Lai, “allowing us to share in celebrating a part of our community too often overlooked.”

Evelyn Lai, Executive Director of Down Syndrome Association, Singapore

#RockYourSocks aims to remind others that differences can be beautiful. DSA invites everyone to wear colourful mismatched socks to embrace differences and show support for the Down Syndrome community. Chosen for their resemblance to chromosomes, colourful mismatched socks represent the diverse capabilities of individuals with Down Syndrome.

Visit the World Down Syndrome Day Carnival 2024 at One Punggol from 8 am to 3 pm on 23 March 2024. There will also be a signature Buddy Walk symbolising camaraderie along the journey of development with individuals with Down syndrome, together with their families. The Carnival expects 500 participants comprising members, beneficiaries, partners, and members of the community to join in the 1-km walk around One Punggol.

The event will also feature talent showcases by members with Down Syndrome and community partners, including games and stalls selling crafts and food items.

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