Hendrick’s Gin X Mosaic Music Festival Cocktails

Hendrick's Gin
Hendrick’s Gin


11 March 2013, Singapore – Coinciding with the annual Mosaic Music Festival, bars Harry’s, Orgo and Sauce at the Esplanade will be serving up new concoction of cocktails with Hendrick’s Gin, the official spirit of this celebration of rhythm and beats.

The cocktails are designed by Hendrick’s Gin’s brand ambassador, Erik Andersson together with the mixologists and bartenders from the three bars at Esplanade to design the most intriguing cocktails for celebration of Mosaic Music Festival.

Hendrick's Gin


Hendrick’s Gin is a premium gin made with infusions of Cucumber and Rose petals so that you can enjoy a unique, refreshing & delightful floral aroma. Making use of the gin’s distinctive taste & smell, the journey to try out these subtle yet complex concoctions will be a stimulant to your palate. From Erik’s refreshing & tangy creation of the “cucumber-ly” Mosaic Jive to Orgo’s mixologist Satoshi’s Green Tea Martini served with Japanese Yokan (red bean jelly) which is a twist of bitter sweet, all nine special concoctions for Mosaic Music Festival are unique in its own way, another excuse for bar hopping.

These creations will only be served till the end of Mosaic Music Festival on 17 March 2013.

To help you keep track of the cocktails you have sampled on this peculiar journey, simply chalk up five drinks on a Hendrick’s Passport (available at participating bars and activation booths) to receive a pack of limited edition Hendrick’s playing cards.


Hendrick's Gin brand ambassador Erik Andersson
Hendrick’s Gin brand ambassador Erik Andersson
Hendrick's Gin Playing Cards
Hendrick’s Gin Playing Cards


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