Driving Change with Caltex - Henry Golding and Irene Ang

Henry Golding & Irene Ang Drives Change with Caltex This Weekend

Driving Change with Caltex - Henry Golding and Irene Ang
Driving Change with Caltex Henry Golding and Irene Ang

3 November 2012, Singapore – Driving Change with Caltex is Caltex’s regional effort in Asia to highlight social efforts in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore.  Caltex has partnered FOX International Channels to create a reality community project tv programme.

The 25 year old handsome TV presenter Henry Golding is the host of the programme who pairs up with a local celebrity from each country to gather volunteers and carry out a socially initiated mission.

Singapore is the final stop and the challenge started yesterday and will end tomorrow.  Henry partners the vivacious Singapore celebrity Irene Ang who also manages companies in the entertainment business with 52 managed artistes, and over 50 staff.   Starting out in 1999 with 2 people and S$2,000, Irene Ang is a believer in effecting change when necessary.

Irene and Henry will team up with the youths from the ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ programme’, Caltex’s ongoing initiative with People’s Association aimed at providing education and life-skills for children from low-income families.   Their mission is to take these youths on a journey to support and give back to underprivileged elderly where they will prepare and package 5,000 hampers of a selection of staple foods to be donated to the elderly.   100 elderly beneficiaries will get a special lunch party prepared for them tomorrow where the youth will take part in a specially choreographed performance directed by Irene.

Irene and Henry will attempt to sell as many food hampers, traveling around popular areas and landmarks in Singapore.   Irene shared that she has activated some of her artistes from FLY Entertainment and friends to support the initiative as well.

Visit www.drivingchangewithcaltex.com to find out more.   Drivers can also participate by purchase a S$10 food hamper, available at 29 Caltex Stations nationwide from now till 30 November 2012.

Driving Change with Caltex - Henry Golding and Irene Ang
Driving Change with Caltex Henry Golding and Irene Ang

We asked Irene why she thinks she was chosen for this role and she explained that it could be her heartland appeal,  being active in social media and  community work and a firm believer of change.

“The more I give back, the universe works in my favour” shares Irene.  She feels that to achieve certain things, collective effort would contribute so much more than a singular effort and being part of change needs to be encouraged especially amongst the youths.  She hopes that this effort will encourage youths to make a difference in life where they can take control of.

“It is not about doing big things but taking small steps” Irene sharing on paying forward.  Having come from a background of a difficult family life, Irene is grateful that she took it positively to be the hungry, driven and down-to-earth person whom she is today.

There is a competitive streak in Irene Ang – she wants to outdo the amount raised in Malaysia with a target of at least S$150,000.  In Malaysia, Driving Change with Caltex has raised RM 309,000 where Andrea Fonseka and Henry Golding brought in what Henry described as an “unbelievable response”.   Henry explained that there was this young girl who appeared in front of him asking him “how can I help” after reading a tweet asking for help .


We asked Henry to share his experience.


Q. What was the most shocking experience for you?

Henry: It has to be the Philippines.  The conditions were very harsh.  People survived on landfills of rubbish and when we were filming, it was the tailend of a typhoon.  It was a swamp and and average of 9 to 12 people cramped in a small room.   The challenge to improve the sports area for the youths and getting 2,000 sports equipment for the kids was very meaningful.  It was not easy initially, but the donations managed to come through in the end.


Q. What was the most challenging experience for you?

Henry: Not being familiar with Hong Kong and initial set backs of not having the artists at our full disposal made it quite challenging. But a young girl turned up to help after following me on twitter as one of the heartwarming experiences.


Q. What did you think of the response of Malaysia?

Henry: It was unbelievable.  People there were taking the initiative to get out for a good cause.  The response was unbelievable. We raised RM309,000.


Q.  What do you think will be the best way to get people in Singapore to be part of this initiative?

Henry: I think that making it a Singapore movement, for people to be part of something and giving them ownership will help – somewhat a nationalistic approach.


The Singapore episode can be watched on the following:

  • 7 November 2012 , 1.30pm – Project Microsite – www.drivingchangewithcaltex.com
  • 15 November 2012 , 9.55pm – National Geographic Channel (NGC)
  • 17 November 2012, 10.15pm – Star World


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