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HI-5 Holiday Comes to Singapore 4 to 9 September 2012


21 June 2012, Singapore – Hi-5 returns to Singapore 4 to 9 September this year, in time for the school holidays with their latest stage show “Hi-5 Holiday”. Let Stevie, Casey, Lauren, Tim and their newest member Dayen transport you to the most fun filled place in the world known as “Hi-5 Island”.

This is Hi-5’s second stage performance here in Singapore following their first tour in 2009. You can expect Hi-5’s usual bright, funny and upbeat songs and dancing. They will perform favorites including Let’s Get Away, Wonderful, Zoo Party and Celebrate as well as their brand new hits.

The shows will be performed at Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands.  Ticket sales have begun through www.MarinaBaySands.com/ticketing, at +66888826 or in person at Marina Bay Sands Box Offices at Museum, Theatre, SkyPark, retail Mall and Hotel Tower 1 Lobby.

Hi-5 Holiday Ticketing Information
Hi 5 Holiday Ticketing Information


Ticket Giveaways

We are giving away TWO x  family packs (for four people per pack) Hi-5 tickets are for this Thursday 6 September 2012 at 2.15pm.

All you need to do is to tell us in the comments below which character your children like best and why and you may be on your way to the show this Thursday.  We will be announcing the winner on 4 September 2012 before 11.59pm.






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  1. Thank you!! Can u pls advise which category tickets are these?

  2. I like Dayen because she represents all the Asians in the world like myself.
    I am proud to be associated with her and I think she is doing a good job as a Hi-5 cast member.

  3. Im writing on behalf of my 5 year old lil sister who absolutely loves hi5. Her Favourite character is Lauren and as usual, girls like her says cos she’s So pretty. She has a very baby-like voice and her short segments are what my sister likes, which incorporates dancing and my sister love to dance… Even now when hi5 is not shown on okto, she has the episodes downloaded from YouTube and play it from time to time on her own… Hopefully she will be granted this opportunity to watch her Favourite cast especially Lauren in action.

  4. My daughter love all the 5 members in the hi 5 from the time she saw it on Disney channel she always watch every show and she has all the Episode even with the ild hi 5 members. During her 5th birthday she requested for a hi 5 themed party… And now every 10am she needs to watch hi5 on disney junior or we need to record the episode if she will not be able to watch… She just loves the hi5 and when she found out that they will have a show she requested if we can allow her to watch…

  5. My little princess Favourite character is Lauren . When I ask her why, in her own words she says ‘Lauren looks like a Barbie doll and she can dance like a ballerina’. To me se does look like a living doll and can dance really well, pretty much a role model for my princess who loves to dance and it didn’t help that cos of Lauren’s looks, my lil one feels like she’s living out a fantasy of a dancing princess whenever Lauren comes on the tv! ☺☺☺

  6. Chan Ching Lim

    My 2 sons love hi-5, their favourite is Tim Maddren. He can play many musical instruments very well, and he inspires my son to learn music.

  7. My girl loves Casey because she thinks Casey looks like a princess

  8. My youngest daughter loves to see Casey dance

  9. My girls like Lauren because she’s lively and bubbly and dances well

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