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Interview: Phoebe Tan Crowned Miss Earth Singapore 2012

Miss Earth 2012 - Phoebe Tan

19 August 2012, Singapore – Ms Phoebe Tan, 24, was crowned Miss Earth Singapore 2012 recently. She is a Senior Sales Engineer by profession, working in an MNC. She loves dancing and has been dancing and performing since her early years as a child. Through dance she has learnt that one should continuously do to express and not to impress.

Phoebe is an avid traveler and always looks forward to travelling with her family to scenic destinations as these adventurous trips bond them together, creating joyous and beautiful memories. Despite her busy schedule, she would always dedicate time to having dinner with the family as often as possible. She strongly believes that a family that dines together stays together.

She is also actively involved in spreading the green movement through her eco volunteerism and finds that the most rewarding moments are the positive smiles on people’s faces amidst her sharing, seeing the young to the elderly displaying the same energy and passion for the same cause, and how they will make a conscientious effort to alter their routines towards saving our Earth.

Phoebe aims to continue advocating the green movement to citizens and hopes to front an eco project to create further awareness towards loving and saving our Earth.

She lives by the verse, Proverbs 16:9 “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Daily, she starts off by reminding herself that a positive mindset begets positive returns, and ends her day with the notion to smile like the world has never dropped a tear, smile like tomorrow will have the brightest sunshine!

Phoebe’s green message:
“Love and sustain our planet Mother Earth as how she has done for each one of us. Let us give back to Mother Nature by protecting her natural resources, through preservation and conservation.”
We spoke to Phoebe Tan briefly and she shares some of her thoughts.

Miss Earth Singapore 2012 - Phoebe Tan

What are some of your qualities that you believe made you win Miss Earth Singapore?

Miss Earth Singapore is about advocating environmental awareness. As an avid traveler, every journey has instilled in me beautiful returns of nature and honed my strong passion towards loving and caring for the environment.

I am also someone who is a firm believer in stretching one’s potential to the fullest and my enterprising spirit pushes me to initiate and undertake challenges with a positive mindset!

Not forgetting my number one priority is to stand by the importance of giving old items a second lease of life!


What motivated you to join?

I am very passionate about doing my part for Mother Earth and returning back what she has given us, therefore I love working with people who share the same passion as I do.
My rewarding experiences through my involvement in eco-volunteerism, which seeks to educate citizens about the pressing need to do their part to save the earth, has motivated me to want to further inspire people from everywhere, hence I joined Miss Earth Singapore.

My motivation was also derived from being able to be an advocate for Singapore’s eco movements on an international platform, as well as the chance to work alongside other like minded advocates of the world to propagate environmental awareness.


What were your friends or colleagues reaction when you told them you were joining a pageant?

They were definitely all smiles and excited for me! They spurred me on and were extremely enthusiastic towards a pageant that involved my green movements with an exciting element!

Each of them contributed in their own way towards my whole journey and I am immensely thankful for all their support!

In your view, does a beauty queen need to be beautiful?

Yes, definitely, a beauty queen needs to be beautiful. Beautiful meaning that she shines when she shares her passion and cause, touching the lives of people she encounters with.

Beauty should glow from within, so strong that it radiates and inspires. It is an accumulation of holistic characteristics of a woman of substance, as external beauty alone does not necessarily inspire passion, or “move” mountains. But beauty in its simplest and purest form is built upon your wholesome experience and good morals you value and in turn, an inspiring nature.


As Miss Earth Singapore, what are your responsibilities?

As Miss Earth Singapore, my responsibility is to advocate environmental awareness to the citizens of Singapore and to share and educate the community that together we can help to counter a fast growing issue like climate change!

My role also includes being a spokesperson to inspire people from all walks of life toward a more conscientious attitude in sustaining and cultivating green habits through reaching out and building strong community ties.


Do you think Singaporeans are “Green”?

Yes, Singaporeans are definitely striving towards being “Green” and I am very glad to see that!

An example would be many upcoming eco green projects and events where schools actively hold and youth’s willingness to actively participate. Corporate companies in Singapore are also actively incorporating the green movement into their business solutions and models.

Our government has also been inducing this culture into Singaporeans by encouraging the green movement locally and internationally in recent developments like “Tianjin Eco-city” and “Treelodge at Punggol”. But I would say that Singaporeans can still do much more towards being “Green” and I hope to advocate that by reminding Singaporeans to first love the place we imprint our footprints on, which is to love “our” Earth.  From love, thus leading to a bigger action by protecting.


What are your thoughts of Ms. Ris Low?

Ris Low strikes me as a forthright and bubbly person!


How would you introduce Singapore when you meet other Miss Earth contestants in the international contest?

The first thing that I would say: I love Singapore, a City in a Garden! Well, I would describe Singapore as a vibrant city with a united multicultural society! Being clean and green are our biggest attributes, where we have integrated nature surrounding us right to our doorsteps!

I am also proud to share that Singapore has been home to many inaugural events like the recent CleanEnviro Summit, exploring solutions on environmental challenges for tomorrow’s cities.  Singapore, a City in a Garden possesses many green amenities that all nature lovers can identify with. Namely Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage, Botanic Gardens, and the beautiful stories behind each iconic destination!


Advice for beauty queen hopefuls?

My advice for them would be, you are God’s gift, you are special, therefore bring it out in you, have a good head on your shoulders and always be prepared for the unexpected.

”Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

Your biggest barrier would be your mindset, therefore always remind yourself that there are no limits, only the ones you have set for yourselves!

Miss Earth Singapore 2012 Pageant
(From Left: Ms. Stacy Wong – Miss Earth Singapore – Fire 2012 ; Ms. Phoebe Tan – Miss Earth Singapore 2012 ; Ms. Cassandra Gan – Miss Earth Singapore – Air 2012 and Ms. Daphanie Lee – Miss Earth Singapore – Water 2012)


Photo credit: Miss Earth Singapore 2012


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