Jacelyn Tay & Brian Wong’s exclusive Love video

Brian Wong Weds Jacelyn Tay
Brian Wong Weds Jacelyn Tay

On 10 October 2010 (10/10/10), this video was screened to some 560 guests at the Pan Pacific Singapore ballroom at Jacelyn Tay and Brian Wong‘s wedding celebration.

Brian and Jacelyn spent 2 hours telling the production house their love and faith journey and within the same day they got back the script and spent one afternoon doing this shoot.

When asked whether there were any reminiscent sentiments when they looked back and enacted the parts, a cheeky Brian replied “Well, it was kinda sweet and funny when we revisited the scenes”.


You can congratulate Jacelyn and Brian in the comments section of this page.

View the photos of the wedding dinner and celebration here.

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  1. Great story, a beautiful love storey of how much our God loves us. To those who have ever experienced His love, you know and are blessed. I have also experienced such coincidence which I believe is not just a coincidence. In fact, we often tend to shrug off such coincidences even when God has purposefully put good people in our lives. But deep down we know it would be too difficult to explain it as a coincidence.

    Very touching. Thank you for sharing this. It has encouraged me.

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  3. A simple and yet beautifully wholesome story about the love between two persons and how God has touched their lives. Wish them a lasting marriage and many years of happiness together!

  4. Congrats to you Jacelyn! You look marvellous!

  5. It’s not up to anyone to judge how God draws people to him but there is a quote somewhere that says: “A girl will hide her heart deep in God’s own heart such that a man must find God to find her heart.”

  6. Indeed two are better than one. Hope the two souls merge into one body. God bless and best wishes for the future bcos both of you deserve it.

  7. she is one of those who preach around? hai.

  8. thanks for the encouragement, Jacelyn. God bless!

  9. I am touched.

  10. Mr Brian Wong, your employee has got very poor manners.

  11. Wow, that was incredibly touching!

  12. Congrats to you Jacelyn! You look marvellous!

  13. congrats to the couple! 🙂

  14. she’s like that kinda freak who invites everyone to church to be saved

  15. suddenly shes so Godly.
    She’s found the light. LOL

  16. My gosh! they can pronounce words for nuts! “Got in touch OF me???”

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