JOO WON Meets Fans in Singapore on 10 October 2015

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Joo Won in The Gang Doctor

Korean star Joo Won, the lead actor of television series The Gang Doctor will be on a 2-city tour of Jakarta and Singapore on 9 and 10th October respectively to meet fans. ‘A Date with Joo Won’ meet-and-greet session lets fans get upclose and personal with the 28 year boyish actor.

Joo Won is visiting Southeast Asia for the first time.

Joo Won

Joo Won

Joo Won has acted in big-scale musicals such as Altar Boyz, Grease, Spring Awakening and in television dramas and films. He first appeared on TV in the 2010 drama King of Baking where he played the antagonist of the title character. This drama achieved over 50% ratings earning it a ‘national drama’ status in Korea.

The Gang Doctor Poster

The Gang Doctor Poster

In 2013, he acted in The Good Doctor to acclaimed reviews and swept multiple acting awards for his role as an autistic doctor. The Gang Doctor is Joo Won’s first TV drama on SBS and on ONE. He acts alongside Kim Tae Hee (Jang Ok Jung), Jo Hyun Jae and Chae Jung Ahn. The show is the most popular Korean Drama series this year. The series will be extended by two more episodes bring the total to 18 from 16 episodes.

The Gang Doctor is about a medical prodigy with incredible surgical skills. He is forced to make illicit house calls to the wealthy to pay for his younger sister’s dialysis treatment. On one such assignment, he meets an heiress who has been kept in an induced coma by her brother as he desires her share of the inheritance. After she is rescued from her predicament, she embarks on her revenge against those who have plotted against her.

The series is currently airing on ONE every Thursday and Friday at 8.55pm in Singapore and 7.55pm in Jakarta within 24 hours from Korea’s first telecast in the PPALI-PPALI show time. ONE is available in Singapore on Singtel TV CH 513, 604 and Starhub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823 and on demand on Singtel TV Ch 514,605.


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