Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium Opens 15 October 2011


15 October 2011, Singapore – Singapore’s first maritime museum opens at Resorts World Sentosa today.  The Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium is housed in an iconic steel and glass ship hull.   You will be taken back in time to one of the greatest eras in history where the tales of sea adventures and the growth of sea trade between Asia and the Middle East are told.

The museum was designed by Ralph Appelbaum from Ralph Appelbaum Associates.


When you enter the museum, you would get a grand welcome by the mighty Bao Chuan, a full-sized replica of the bow of the legendary seafarer and the greatest explorer in Chinese history, Admiral Zheng He’s treasure ship.  Zheng He had a fleet of up to 300 ships which sailed exploratory voyages to Asia and Africa.

At an open-style theatre, you can watch an animated video about the 15th century introduction to Zheng He’s voyages from China to the Western Ocean.   Walk through the Souk Gallery where sights and sounds of the ancient markets where traders traded are recreated.


The Jewel of Muscat is a 9th century Arab dhow replica that was a gift from the Sultanate of Oman to the Government and People of the Republic of Singapore.


The sensory Typhoon Theater will definitely be an intriguing experience for you.  A 150-seat and 360-degree multimedia theatre, you can “board” an Arabia-bound sailing ship and be taken on a voyage that takes on a perilous turn when it encounters a storm.


You can explore life-sized replica historical ships while the kids can engage in workshops.   That’s what makes this museum unique – it’s education history of the silk routes.  This is a museum for everyone in the community to come together to learn and experience.  Interactive exhibits are found at the museum such as the musical ensemble that features instruments that can be found at the various ports of call e.g. sitar from India, santur from Iran and bongo drums from Kenya.  You can “play” and “mix and match” the instruments via a touchscreen panel, create a new tune, and send the tune via electronic mail.  In fact, at this museum, you are encouraged to touch the exhibits.


Education and Audience development is one of the museum’s key objectives.  It offers events, talks, educational programmes and workshops on maritime history led by academicians, professional facilitators and veteran maritime industry leaders on a variety of topics.  It works with schools to tailor programmes and tours which tie in with their curriculum needs, with special emphasis on subject matter that is taught at the Upper Primary and Lower Secondary levels. It brings classroom topics to life through interaction with the museum’s guides and staff and specialised activity guides that promote experiential learning.


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Admission Fees are separate for general admission and the typhoon theatre.

  • Adult – S$5 (General Admission) & S$6 (Typhoon Theatre)
  • Children (4 – 12 years old) – S$2 (General Admission) & S$4 (Typhoon Theatre)
  • Senior Citizen (65 years old and above) – S$3 (General Admission) & S$3 (Typhoon Theatre)

Children below 4 years old enter for free and special rates apply for students and organised groups.

Operating Hours

  • Mondays to Thursdays – 10am to 7pm
  • Fridays – Sundays and Public Holidays – 10am to 9pm

The museum will also feature an aquarium which will open at a later date.

 Photos taken with the Sony Alpha A55 during the media preview of MEMA.

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