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15 March 2011, Singapore – Releasing on 17 March 2011 by Columbia Pictures, World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles delves into the common Hollywood topic of alien invasion that happens mostly in North America.  UFO sightings around the world previously in Buenos Aires, Seoul, France, Germany, China, ostensibly scouting missions, become a terrifying attack from unknown forces in the movie.

Los Angeles becomes the last stand for humankind in a battle that no one had expected.  Marine staff sergeant played by Aaron Eckhart and his new platoon brings you on their adventure or should I call it desperation to save humankind.

With lots of adrenaline pumping action and sudden surprises, some may just cover their eyes just like the girl who sat next to me tonight. Whilst I was less timid, I almost jumped out of my seat a few times tonight. Some scenes were in fact a little nauseous due to the way it was filmed. I overheard in the cinema someone saying it was like the ‘Blair Witch Project’.

As in most movies of this genre such as Independence Day, Battle Los Angeles depicts the American patriotic movement where amazingly a small group of people manages to save the world.

A few tear jerking scenes and minimal humorous occasions during the show managed to calm my mettle and was a good break from the constant shooting and bombing.

Probably, this show’s not for me. But if you like action and warfare movies, you’ll probably enjoy it. Expect many dead people.


The film stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Ne-Yo, and Michael Peña.  Directed by Jonathan Liebesman and produced by Neal H. Moritz and Ori Marmur.  Written by Chris Bertolini and Executive producers are Jeffrey Chernov and David Greenblatt.  Director of Photography is Lukas Ettlin.

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