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Nelly Furtado In Singapore For THE SPIRIT INDESTRUCTIBLE

Nelly Furtado in Singapore -006

13 August 2012, Singapore – Nelly Furtado made her first trip to Singapore and is enjoying the scenery, people and the food and went sightseeing today.  Nelly had chilli crab last night and was a “dirty mess” after the meal. She had Durian fruit pudding last night and cheekily commented “there was no warning sticker”, though she would give it one more chance before she leaves Singaposre.

Nelly Furtado is in Singapore to promote her new high energy album THE SPIRIT INDESTRUCTIBLE, which is a result of her positive life in the last few years. The album is an eclectic collection of rock, hip hop, pop, dance, reggae and world music.  Nelly mentioned that when she makes an album, she prefers to look at its artistic accomplishment rather than the commercial success of it.  THE SPIRIT INDESTRUCTIBLE features the best 12 songs of the 40 songs Nelly Furtado wrote for this album. Nelly hopes her fans can feel her beliefs and passion of life in this new album.

She will also perform at her showcase at The Coliseum at Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa here in Singapore on 14 August 2012.


Nelly Furtado is involved with Feed the Children as their ambassador and has visited the community and schools in Kenya and built a new school this year.

She collaborated with her friend Spencer West in “Spirit Indestructible”.  Spencer West attempted to  climb Mount Kilimangjaro using only his hands in June this year to raise awareness and financial support for clean water projects in Africa.

Watch this rather heart warming music video which is rather inspirational.



Favourite Songs In The Album

Nelly Furtado’s favourite song is “The Spirit Indestructible” and “High Life”.

“High Life” looks at success as a destination instead of a journey.  Nelly has learned that success is about balance in your life – making time for family and friends, hobbies, self love and health rather than a pot of gold at the end of a race.


Watch the video below for more from the press conference with Nelly Furtado:



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